What do you get a farrier for Christmas?

Looking for Christmas gifts for the farrier in your life ? Whether it is a big-ticket item, tools or stocking fillers, let Mustad Australia help you out with gift ideas at great prices for the hoof care professional in the family.

Here are our Top 5 suggestions when putting together your Christmas List.

  1. Farrier Tools

A farrier can never have enough tools! At Mustad Australia you will be spoilt for choice when deciding which tools to surprise him/her with on Christmas morning.   We offer a wide selection of options for all budgets, from premium brands such as GDM and Mustad Premium for the professional farrier, to the mid-range Mustad Black range and finally Edge tools, which are a great entry level product.

Our most popular farriers tools are :

Check out this video by Mustad Australia sales team member, Clint Rolfe, who explains the different nippers we sell. Click here.

  • Farrier Hammers – hammers come in two types; forging/fitting hammers and driving hammers.  We stock the GDM range of hammers and the Mustad brand. The hammers are available in different weights.  Check out these videos by Clint Rolfe, who explains the different types of hammers and their uses. Click here and here.

·  Clinchers, Shoe Pull Offs and Crease Nail pullers are all tools that are used every day by farriers. We offer a range of brands to suit your Christmas gift budget.

  1. Farrier Tool Kits

Ideal for people starting their farrier business or for people living in remote locations where you only use tools sparingly.

The Mustad Australia Christmas special this year is the EDGE Tool Kit – which offers 10 tools all encased in an Edge Tool Bag and comes with a free EDGE Farrier apron, all for the price $899.   This is fantastic value for money – but get in quick as we only have limited stock.

We also stock the Mustad Black Tool Kits which comes in three ranges :

Mustad Farrier Toolbox – a full kit that is ideal for shaping and fitting horseshoes

Mustad Trim Kit – this kit is ideal for trimming the horses hooves with all the tools you need to trim the hoof.

Mustad Emergency Shoe Removal Kit – ideal for those rides that are remote. It has all the tools you need to safely remove a shoe that may have come loose, which will be better for the health of the hoof if the shoe is removed correctly

  1. Farrier Aprons

Farrier Aprons are always a popular choice for Christmas presents.  Made from a mixture of leather and canvas materials and available in a range of colours with the choice of Velcro fasteners, buckles, knife pockets and magnets, Mustad stock a great range for you to choose from. 

Brands include Silverback Chaps, which are made in the UK and are a premium apron with a unique patented design to protect the back during work.  They come in a standard and lite version.  

We also stock the O’Dwyer Extra Apron and the Edge farrier apron (in long and short), which are great value for money.

Hoof Standsused to support the hoof during hoof care maintenance, meaning the farrier does not have too. We offer the Hoofit Blacksmith hoof stands in standard (black) and Pro (yellow), as well as the Equine Innovations hoofjacks.

  1. Workshop Equipment and Horseshoe Making Tools

If you are buying for someone who is just starting out as a farrier or if they are looking to upgrade their equipment, Mustad stocks a wide range of workshop equipment, such as anvils and forges.

In stock and available to buy now are the O’Dwyer Anvils, which come in 20kg, 40kg and can be kept in the utility or the 95kg which is for workshops.  A lightweight alternative is a stall jack, such as the Yoder or Blacksmith Italia Mini Anvil.    Check out this video by Liam Ryan who goes through the full range on offer. Click here.

To complete the workshop equipment set up are the forges – at Mustad we stock the Blacksmith Italia forges, which come in a single or double burner.

To accompany the workshop equipment, you will need specialist tools when hand making horseshoes or modifying/adapting horseshoes. Mustad stock a range of horseshoe making tools to help farriers to do the job, including Mustad Forging tongs; hammers such as the GDM Ball Clipping Hammer and Mustad Forging hammers; Forepunches/Stamps, Creasers/Fullers and pritchels by brands GDM and Mustad 

Finally, instead of socks and chocolates, here are some products that make great Stocking Fillers!

  1. Farrier Knives – a must have tool - at Mustad we offer the best farrier knives from well-known brands such as Mustad Premium, Mustad, GDM, Fr Dick and Double S.  All farrier knives are made from high quality tool steel, with sharp blades that are long lasting and a pleasure to use. Whether you prefer a right or left hand blade or loop knife, Mustad have a range of products for you to choose from.
  2. Hoof Rasps and Rasp Handles – the Heller rasp range is the most popular brand on the market and includes the eXcel original and eXcel legend rasps. Why not add a Heller Grip Handle as a stocking filler, which come in red, black, blue and green.

Watch this video to see the range of Heller rasps. Click here.

3.  Other stocking filler ideas include the Derby Wrist Magnet and Nail Pot

Mustad has you spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing Christmas presents for the Hoofcare professional in your life.  All products are available through your nearest Mustad dealer as well as online at mustad.com.au.

Whatever you decide to purchase, we suggest you get your order in sooner rather than later to avoid the Christmas buying rush.  

Remember, we offer FREE DELIVERY on all online orders when you spend over $150 through mustad.com.au.

Happy Shopping.