Mustad Australia proudly offers a diverse selection of steel horseshoes from various reputable brands. Our mission is to provide farriers with an extensive range of options, ensuring they can find the perfect horseshoe tailored to any hoof type and discipline.  

The St Croix range of Steel Horseshoes offers the perfect shoe selection for performance horses including options such as drop-forged premium steel shoes or light weight steel shoes, concave surfaces, rolled toes and beveled edges, toe clips, side clips or unclipped shoes in front and hind versions. 

The O’Dwyer Steel horseshoe range offers an even greater variety and includes shoes for the pacing horse.  With pacing shoes available in pairs in front and hind, or hind – no wing options as well as the option of a full set of 4 Pacing shoes, you will find the perfect pacing shoe in the O’Dwyer pacing shoe range.  The performance horse is not forgotten in the O’Dwyer horseshoe range, with the O’Dwyer Standard Hack Shoe Set (of 4) or the O’Dwyer Flat Hack Shoes Set (of 4) available in low carbon steel or the O’Dwyer Performa Value Horseshoe range, also available in Fronts and Hinds. 

The New Zealand Steel Horseshoes are a concave, drop forged horse shoe made from low carbon steel, available in front and hind pairs. 

Mustad Steel Horseshoes offer either their standard Equi-librium Steel Front Horseshoes or their Equi-librium Air Steel Horseshoe in Front and Hind, which are 15% lighter than the standard!  Mustad also offers the ever-popular Libero Steel range in either the Libero Flat, Libero Concave 8mm or Libero Concave 10mm all in front and hind pairs.   

Always in high demand, are the Delta Challenger Front and Hind pairs, ideal for the thin-walled hooves. 

Look no further than the Double S Sliders Mustad has to offer for you reining horses!  The range of Double S SL Sliders, SM Sliders and SN Sliders has got all your reining horses covered. 

To round out their pacing shoe range, Mustad also offers the Thors Half Round Steel Front Shoe.   

For all your Steel Horseshoe needs, Mustad has you covered!