Farrier Knives are an essential addition to every farrier's toolkit. Explore Mustad Australia's extensive range of Farrier Knives, crafted from premium tool steel for durability and precision. Each Hoof Knife features a shaped wooden handle, offering users a natural feel and superior grip for enhanced control and comfort. 

Staying true to Mustads Good, Better, Best philosophy ensures that you will find the perfect hoof knife to match your requirements, whether you're caring for two horses a week or two hundred! 

Explore a complete range of hoof knives in the Mustad Blak Blade or Mustad Premium series, including Straight, Curve, Wide Blade, or Loop knives. For professional farriers, the Mustad GDM Knife range is the ultimate choice. With both left and right-handed options, expect nothing less than exceptional performance and precision that exceeds all expectations. 

For those seeking something unique, Mustad Australia offers a selection of Fr. Dick knives and Double S Hoof Knives. 

Check out the range of knives available through Mustad