Mustad Australia has all the products you need if you are starting out as a farrier or looking to upgrade or replace your workshop equipment

Products such as anvils, stall jacks and forges are going to be some of the most used tools of your career and are therefore a long-term investment for your business.

There are two different types of anvils – a workshop or forging anvil for the shop and a farrier anvil, which is lighter and can be kept in your truck.   Mustad stocks the O’Dwyer anvils which come in 3 sizes. A lighter alternative is a stall jack and we stock the Blacksmith Italia and Yoder brands.

A forge is used to heat a horseshoe or piece of metal to the temperature where it can be shaped and moulded and at Mustad we stock the Italia Blacksmith forges, in single or double burners. 

Mustad Australia also stocks all the forging tools you need for your shoe making requirements, from brands such as Mustad GDM, Mustad and Edge.

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