Looking to enhance your workshop equipment? Whether you're in the market for your first Anvil, upgrading your existing setup, or adding a new forge, Mustad Australia is your ultimate destination for premium workshop equipment! 

Explore our range of Anvils and Stall Jacks, from the lightweight O’Dwyer 20kg Anvil to the O’Dwyer 95kg Shop anvil and everything in between. Need to secure your Anvil? Check out the Blacksmith Italia Powerblock Anvil Stand for added stability. 

For mobile tool storage, the Yoder Toolbox Shorty is the perfect solution to keep your essentials organized, accessible, dry, and clean. 

When it comes to forges, we've got you covered with the renowned Blacksmith Italia single or double burner forges to heat and shape your horseshoes. 

At Mustad Australia, we prioritise quality and durability in all our workshop equipment, ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed. 

Mustad Australia also stocks all the forging tools you need, from brands such as Mustad GDM, Mustad and Edge.

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