Explore Mustad Australia's selection of Aluminum Horseshoes, featuring options from renowned brands like St. Croix Forge, Mustad, and Apple. Our range is the result of extensive research and collaboration with farriers worldwide, ensuring quality and performance. 

Discover the lightweight superiority of St. Croix Aluminum Horseshoes, including the Advantage, Eventer, and Equi-librium models, all boasting the same exceptional features as their steel counterparts. For racing needs, choose from St. Croix's Aluminum Turf Plate, Outer Rim Front, or the renowned Concord Race Plate, with optional 2 Degree or 3 Degree Wedges available for both fronts and hinds 

The Mustad Aluminium range offers farriers the choice to work with aluminium shoes designed to ease the strain on both the farrier and horse alike, with the EQ Performance Aluminium shoes designed to have optimum fit on the hoof, and the Equi-librium Aluminium offering a lightweight version of the renowned Mustad Equi-librium Steel horse shoe.  

Apple Aluminium Horseshoes provide the best of both racing worlds, offering Apple Ascot Aluminium Race Plates and Apple Pacing plates. 

Our range of Aluminium horseshoes aims to give farriers greater choice to suit any hoof!  

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