Hoof Pads

Hoof Pads

Mustad Australia offers an extensive selection of hoof pads. When it comes to safeguarding your horse's hooves, choosing a pad constructed from durable materials is paramount to prevent the pad crushing under the weight of the horse.  

Our range of hoof pads have been designed to provide optimal shock absorption and sole protection, offering a comprehensive solution for equine hoof care. Whether you prefer to use polyurethane pads, leather pads, plastic or mesh pads. the traditional feel of leather, or the breathability of mesh, Mustad has the perfect pad to suit your needs. 

Among our innovative offerings, the 3D Eclipse Hoof Pads stand out as a groundbreaking solution designed to complement the application of dental impression materials, such as ComfortMix. The combination of the 3D pads and dental impression material offers superior comfort and support for your horse's hooves. 

Trust Mustad Australia to provide the highest quality hoof pads, designed to enhance the well-being and performance of your equine companion.  

Check out the video below, where Liam Ryan explains the different types of hoof pads available