We asked Grant Moon 20 questions including his thoughts on pineapple on pizza and if he remembers the first horse he shod.

Name? Grant Moon

Age? 40...

Where were you born? Cardiff, Wales

Your biggest influence? Brian Moon, my father. And the guy that trained me, Steve Langford.

Favourite meal? Seafood

Do you remember the first horse you shod? I remember it clearly

Favourite Mustad product? ESL Pitch Nail

Most useful modification? Using my fuller to widen heels on shoes

Dogs or cats? Dogs, my dog Buddy

Favourite place to holiday? Sand, sun and an umbrella

Your thoughts on pineapple on pizza? Well, Italians are confused, the Americans without and the British with

What was your first car? A little light blue ex-policemans van. My grandfather spent more time repairing it than I did driving it. 

The most important tool in your box? My eyes

Favourite band? Gotta be British, The Beetles. I resonate with A Hard Days Night

Most common hoof problem you deal with? Collapsed feet

Drink of choice? Wine at dinner, cocktails on the beach

Last film you watched at the cinema? Mrs. Doubtfire, Robyn Williams is just a crazy guy

Your worst injury? My pride

Furthest you've travelled to shoe a horse? Went to Australia to reset a pair of fronts for the Sydney Olympics

Your biggest aspiration for the future? To become a better farrier