Making Life Easier for Farriers

We aim to improve the day to day work of farriers, as our passion manifests itself through not only our products and people, but also by sharing our knowledge with the farrier industry.

This blog will keep you posted about our latest products and innovations, and how these will work at their best for you and the horse.

By working closely with farriers and other industry professionals we have been able to collect a great store of information to advise and help you select the right products in a specific situation. We strive continuously to improve our knowledge and share our advice with you now and in the future.


27/7/2020 - Mustad Equi-Librium Air - toe clip fronts added to the range

25/6/2020 - Grant Moon GDM have arrived!

29/5/2020 - Vettec 210cc Cartridges now available

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3/2/2020 - Mustad Farrier February Promotion - Mustad and Derby Carton Buy

17/01/2020 - Mustad Hoofcare Conference Back in Melbourne, April 2020

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