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Hoof Dressing and Oil

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    Hoof Dressing and Hoof Oil


    Horse hooves are meant to be dry and hard. Given that horses were initially inhabitants of dry and arid regions, this is quite natural. Horses produce natural oils generated by their blood circulation to keep their hooves moist hoof has natural moisture. Horses who get regular workout will have well-moisturised hooves while a horse that spends hours standing idle in a stall will lose the moisture from his hooves. Sometimes hooves become excessively dry and tend to crack. That is when you need horse hoof oil to replenish moisture loss.


    We know horse owners look for hoof dressing that is easy to apply (via either brush or cloth) and able to withstand harshest of conditions to remain on the hoof for an extended period. Mustad hoof oil brands are made using all natural ingredients including animal fats, oils, pine tar and pure Venetian turpentine, which has known healing and anti-bacterial qualities. We offer the Worlds Best Hoof Oil in 250, 500 ml and one-litre presentations. Carmel Valley Hoof Oil and dressing comes in one-litre cans.