Care for your Horses Hooves with ComfortMix

Comfort Mix Range

There are a wide range of options to farriers when treating hoof problems and restoring and supporting the horses hoof.

One option is to use instant pad materials such as Comfort Mix, which is a range of polyurethane products brought to you by Mustad.

The range comprises a mix of pouring pads, fast setting glues, silicones and hood repair materials that promote growth, eliminate thrush, protect and support the hoof and prevent bruising.

The ComfortMix Range

For Shock Absorption and Support

Hoof Pad is a shock absorbing pouring pad which creates direct support and protection, improving the general condition of the sole, frog and hoof.

It is an urethane-based product that sets in 30 seconds and sticks directly to a clean dry sole.

It can be used underneath a pad or with mesh.

Ideally the working temperature should be 18-30 degree Celsius and a minimum thickness of 3mm.

It provides equal pressure distribution over the complete sole.

For more information on Hoof Pad and how to apply, click here to watch a video with Danny Elliott.

Hoof Pad Soft ZnO is a pouring pad used for shock absorption and protection against Thrush. 

The product has been injected with zinc-oxide and can be used for hooves sensitive to thrush.

It can be used with any kind of pad and it seals the pad from any debris or moisture that might come between the pad and sole. It also closes the hoof sole from the air thanks to the bonding feature of the material stopping humidity to get in.

Good to know – before applying, give the cartridge a good shake to ensure the zinc-oxide is flowing through both components to get an even mix.

For more information on Hoof Pad Soft ZnO and how to apply, click here to watch a video with Danny Elliott.
For Hoof Reconstruction and Repair

Hoof Repair Black or Hoof Repair White
 is an adhesive designed for large and small hoof wall repairs and to bond any kind of shoe to the hoof. 
It sticks directly to a clean, dry hoof wall and sets within a minute and hardens out within 5 minutes. It hardens out to black or white/beige colouring on the hoof.
For more information on Hoof Repair click here to watch a video with Danny Elliott
For Super Fast Bonding and Repair
Super Bond is a fast setting glue that can be used for hoof repairs, glue on cuffs for foals or create your own foal extensions, custom shoes and some glue applications.
The super bonding adhesive sets in 30 seconds and sticks directly to a clean dry hoof wall.
For more information on Super Bond click here to watch a video with Danny Elliott
For Hoof Levelling and Impact Resistance
Silicone is a silicone pouring pad that creates a layer over the sole, which provides good protection to the hoof.It is ideal for hoof levelling and impact resistance, removing the pressure of bruising in the foot. It also prevents debris or moisture getting between the pad and the sole and provides protection from sharp objects and sharp surfaces such as stones and rocks.As it does not adhere to the sole it must be used with a pad (leather or plastic).
This is a silicone that gives protection, but is not shock absorbing
Setting Time : Within 3 minutes
For more information on Silicone click here to watch a video with Danny Elliott.
Comfort Mix Accessories
The Comfort Mix range includes accessories that you use when applying the instant pad materials.The Comfort Mix 200cc Gun and Mixing Tips are to be used with the 200cc cartridges.  The Mesh and Foam Pad can be used with applying the products to hooves.
Did you know ?
  • Each 200c cartridge is enough to fit two standard hooves.
  • The cartridges have a patented mixer interface with separated outlets to avoid cross-contamination of compounds.
  • The mixing tips incorporate a new mixer design allowing the nozzle to be very compact & short. The unique design offers mixing elements that are doubled. The geometry of this mix nozzle in combination with the square shape makes this ideal for layer forming. As this mixer is short it has a very low pressure drop compared to other mixers.
Application of ComfortMix Materials
When applying ComfortMix you will need :ComfortMix material – Mesh – Shoe - Foam Pad - Pen and Scissors.
  • Step One : Draw around the inside and heels of the shoe on the white side of the foam board.  Cut out the stencil of the shoe to create a template on the foam board.
  • Step Two : Nail on the shoe with the mesh underneath so it sits between the hoof and the shoe.
  • Step Three : Put the ComfortMix Cartridge into the Comfort Gun by pressing the release trigger and releasing the plunger. Line up the Cartridge in the gun and then pushing the plunger into place.
  • Step Four : Remove the locking ring and storage cap from the top of the cartridge and insert the mixing tip. The tip can only be inserted one way which makes it easy to use and avoids cross contamination. Screw the locking ring back into place and you are ready to go.
  • Step Five : Line up the Foam Pad template to the bottom and stick into place. Danny Elliott recommends running your fingers around the pad in line with shoe to create a concave cavity. You can also get the horse to stand on the foam pad to ensure better adhesion to the shoe.
  • Step Six : Before applying the material, Danny suggests equalising it to ensure a good mixture of the two components. He does this by squeezing a 20c piece amount of the mixture on the ground.
  • When squeezing the material into the space between the pad and the sole of the hoof, make sure you squeeze slowly with an even pressure to ensure an even spread across the hoof.  Keep in place with some duct tape so the material can set.
  • Step Seven : After allowing the setting time to take place, remove the foam pad and your instant pad application process is complete.
Check out this video with Danny Elliott who takes you through these steps one by one.  Click here.
Here are some tips when using ComfortMix
Storing your Cartridges
  • Always remove the mixing tip after application to avoid cross contamination.
  • Keep the storage cap so you can re-use when storing cartridges.
Watch this video by Grant Moon for more information on how to store your cartridges after use. Click here to view. 
Assembling Cartridges
  • Remove the Locking Ring with a quarter turn and the storage cap (keep cap for storing cartridge after application)
  • Add the mixing tip – it is a like a key, it can only be attached in one way – which helps ensure there is no cross contamination.
  • Put the locking ring back on with a quarter turn clockwise to lock tip into place.
Watch this video by Grant Moon for more information on how to assemble your cartridge into the gun. Click here to view.
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Comfort Mix is available through Mustad dealers and 

For more information contact the team at Mustad Australia on +61 3 57 343536, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm AEST. or check out the range on the website. Click here.