Tool Kits

Tool Kits

Discover the range of Mustad Australia Tool Kits, created to meet your every need! Housed in a sleek and durable toolbox, our range offers diverse options tailored to your specific requirements. 

For simple hoof trimming, the Mustad Farrier Trim Kit is your go-to choice, including everything you need for a neat and tidy trim. Meanwhile, the Mustad Emergency Shoe Removal Kit caters to horse owners' essential needs, providing all the tools necessary for safe horseshoe removal. Check out our Safe Shoe Removal Blog for expert tips. 

Step up your farrier game with the Mustad Farrier Toolbox Kit, equipped with a range of essential tools including the Heller Rasp, Mustad Driving and Forging Hammers, Mustad Shoe Puller, Mustad Nippers, and more. It's the comprehensive solution for all your farrier tasks. 

Looking for versatility? Explore our Edge Tool Kit, neatly packed in a leather tool bag and featuring a blend of Mustad and Edge farrier tools. Perfect for your everyday farrier endeavors, it's a convenient option for professionals and hobbyists alike. 

With portability in mind, all our Farrier Tool Kits are designed for easy transport, easily moving in and out of your work vehicle. Experience efficiency and excellence with Mustad Australia.