Heller Rasps

Heller Rasps

Find the perfect Heller Rasp at Mustad Australia. Every farrier knows, a good rasp is one that stays sharp, and the teeth do not become clogged when filing the hoof. Climate plays a vital role in choosing the right rasp for your job.  Heller Rasps have designed a wide range of rasps that stay sharp, and do not become clogged whatever the weather! 

If you are looking for a rasp to use every day, try the Heller eXcel Legend Rasp or Heller eXcel Original Rasp, both featuring a wide profile with 9 teeth on the rasp side, or the Heller Pro Finish Rasp designed to leave a smooth finish on every hoof. 

The Heller Legend Rasp features wide course teeth on the rasp side, making it ideal to use in wet, muddy conditions. The angle and open design on the teeth from clogging when used on soft, damp hooves. 

When it comes to using a rasp in dry and hard conditions, look no further than the Heller Red Tang Rasp. The fine teeth on the coarse side of the rasp make it the ideal rasp to use on hard or brittle hooves and the Heller Black Master Rasp, featuring a black chemical coating is the perfect option in humid conditions. 

To top off their range of rasps, Heller rasps also provide Raps Handles for their rasps. Using their simple colour coding method, you will find the perfect Heller rasp handle to go with your Heller Rasp.  


Watch the video below for more information on our range of Heller Rasps or click here for help to choose your Heller Rasp