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    Quality Horseshoes


    Horseshoes are designed to protect a horse's hooves from wear and tear by providing a buffer between the hoof and the ground. Horseshoes are generally attached to the palmar surface (ground side) of the horse's hooves with metal nails driven through the insensitive hoof wall. While the nailing process might sound painful, the horse isn't able to feel it. Mustad Saddleworld is a leader in innovative hoof care, stocking a vast range of steel, aluminium and therapeutic horseshoes online and in our three retail stores. Our preferred horseshoe brands include Mustad, Apple, Delta, St Croix, O'Dwyer, New Zealand Concave and more.

    Innovation in hoof care

    Innovation is at the core of our values, and our approach to horseshoe making is no exception. We continuously invest in perfecting our production lines and support ongoing scientific research, which is how we make products that are at the leading edge in technology for better hoof care. A close co-operation between the Mustad Group and veterinary universities around the world has resulted in revolutionary science-based hoof care products. We vigorously test our horseshoes using technologically advanced pressure and force plates to gain a better understanding of gait and limb load bearing.

    Mustad Horseshoes

    Our prefered horseshoe brands include Mustad, Apple, Delta, St Croix, O'Dwyer, New Zealand Concave and more. The entire range of O'Dwyer Pacing Shoes is now drop-forged with the intention of making the job of shoeing easier for the professional farrier. Mustad Libero is the best selling shoe in Europe due to its versatility. St Croix steel horseshoes are drop-forged from premium steel to the demands of top-quality performance horseshoe - ask your farrier during fitting. Delta steel horseshoes are fabricated in Holland and offer an accurate shape for an exact fit. The nail hole placement is perfect for thin-walled hooves.

    Protection for sore hooves

    Horses with hoof injuries and sensitivity made need to wear a hoof pad with their horseshoe or temporarily swap shoes for a hoof boot to reduce discomfort. Hoof pads are made of leather or plastic and are often paired with horseshoes to protect a horse's hoof and absorb impact by creating a barrier between the hoof and the horseshoe. Horse pads are generally used as a treatment for conditions such as navicular, concussive injuries or sensitivity in the hoof and legs, as well as protecting soft dropped soles from pain and bruising. The pads must be strong and durable so they will not crush under the weight of the horse, causing shoes to loosen and clenches to rise. Mustad Hoofcare pads are pure polyurethane, which not only provides superb protection against sharp objects but also has the correct balance between durability and shock absorption. Delta Hoof Boots are another option to provide comfort for horses with sensitive soles or in rehabilitation from hoof injuries and conditions. The boots are easy to put and take off, filled with foam for added comfort and protection. Drainage holes keep the feet dry and healthy.

    Did you know?

    The first record of metal shoes with complete nails dates to the 5th century A.D and was found in the tomb of the Frankish King Childeric I at Tournai, Belgium. The word Farrier comes from the Latin word ‘ferrum', which means iron. Most of the current horseshoes are made from steel, which contains iron, or aluminium in the case of special horseshoes.