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    Farriers Nippers

    Trimming Tools and Nippers for Farriers

    Hoof nippers allow you to trim around the hoof wall until the horse's foot is the proper length.

    Forged from high-quality tool steel, machined for precision and heat treated for wear resistance our professional hoof nippers offer a very sharp clean cut.

    The cutting edges never get dull thanks to the design of the stops, which prevent the cutting edges from meeting just before they cut.

    We offer a range of hoof nippers from brands including our very own Mustad Nippers, Apple, Delta, and Edge Brands.

    What Does It Takes to Get the Perfect Trim?

    We recommended cleaning the horse's hooves first with a hoof pick and brush for everlasting nippers and healthier horse hooves.

    The best nipper length for you usually depends on the span of your hands. The 12-inch model is suitable for ladies and men with smaller hands. We also offer 14-inch and 15-inch models for larger hands and more leverage.

    Mustad farrier nippers are guaranteed to perform and last longer than other brands.