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    E Head Horseshoe Nails

    The European Standard or E-Head Nail is a classic nail that is consistent in its task every single step of the way. This nail is a mainstay of the range and can be used for many different types of horse and horseshoe styles whether used for leisure or for top competition. The E nail fits in all V-crease and plain punched horseshoes and is available in sizes to suit every application. Our very own Mustad E-Head Nails are made with precision, perfection and reliability. Production of Mustad nails has a minimal tolerance, as quality is always our prime consideration.

    Thanks to their excellent qualities these Mustad classic E-type of nails are perfect for most common V-fullered 6-10mm horseshoes. All nails in this series are distinguished by a common head-form, the E-form. The differences betrween the individual type lies in the length and thickness of the shank. The E-Slim nail is manufactured with a longer thinner shank that the E-nail so that it can be driven simply, precisely and high into the hoof wall. The E-slim is ideal for horses with a thin hof wall such as many warmbloods, as it causes even less disruption to the hoof wall than the slightly thicker E-nails. When you’re looking for where to buy horseshoe nails, Mustad has the answer.