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Concorde Equilibrium Aluminium Side Clip Front

Concorde Equilibrium Aluminium Side Clip Front

$13.53 AUD



St Croix



Concorde Equi-Librium

Our Equi-Librium design now adapted specifically for race horses!

The new St. Croix Concorde Equi-Librium is the latest addition to our racing portfolio and perfectly combines the advantages and features of our successful and proven Concorde and Equi-Librium concepts. Thorough science based and market testing has shown fantastic results with this new high performance race shoe due to the following unique features:

  • The science based design of the Concorde Equi-Librium has been proven to enhance performance and prevent injuries

  • The extra wide toe area is forged with a two dimensional rolled toe, allowing the horse to fluently break over in every direction required.

  • The Equi-Librium toe design positively influences wear resistance and thus steel toe inserts can be avoided.

  • V-fullering is unique in race-specific shoes; the V-fullering provides a tight, secure nail fit and together with the inner concave section it provides excellent purchase.

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