Anvil & Stall Jacks

Anvil & Stall Jacks

Farrier anvils, blacksmith anvils and farrier stall jacks available online at Mustad Australia. Find a range of sizes and prices to suit your needs.

An anvil is a critical piece of equipment that has been used by blacksmiths and farriers for centuries. Its serves as a sturdy, solid surface to work metal on. Typically anvils feature three different work faces including the face, the horn and the table to shape your metail workpiece in a variety of ways.  For where you can buy a blacksmith anvil look no further as here at Mustad we have a range of styles, types and weight, including the O'Dwyer Anvils range which come in 20kg, 40kg, 95kg and the 38kg Centurion.

A stall jack is both small and portable which makes it ideal for moving from horse to horse or carrying between stalls or stables when shoeing and can be used instead of a regular anvil and is very popular for farriers who have to shoe a lot of racehorses and move around racing yards.

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