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    Winter Rugs for Horses

    Winter Horse Rugs

    In cold wet weather a good quality and well fitted horse rug can help the horse to stay health and maintain condition.

    Cold wet horses burn a lot of energy keeping warm. While it is true that wild horses survive without rugs, they move more than their domestic counterparts and are able to find their own shelter from bad weather. 

    For that reason older, injured or otherwise inactive domestic horses need extra warmth in cold wet weather and benefit from wearing a winter weight horse rug to protect them from cold wind, rain, hail and in some cases snow.

    Fitting your horse with a horse rug

    The coat of an unrugged horse stands up in cold weather to trap air and warm the horse. 

    If you decide to rug for horse in winter remember toy allow for this reflex. A poorly fitted rug will stop the hair from being able to do its job and may mean your horse is actually colder than an unrugged horse.

    Horse rug care and horse health

    Horse rugs need to be checked daily to make sure that the straps have not broken and the rug has not slipped, which can cause injury to your horse. 

    Hoods can be very dangerous for horses and should only be used if the horse is being checked frequently throughout the day because if a hood slips it can cover the eyes and rub the eyeball causing ulcers. 

    Horses with slipped hoods may not be able to see and have been known to injure themselves, panic or cause unintended property damage.

    Horse rugs should be removed regularly to make sure it is not rubbing on the horse’s skin or letting in water. 

    You should also remove horse rugs to make sure your  horses haven’t lost or gained too much weight.

    Last but not least, rugged horses must be groomed thoroughly and frequently to get rid of the build up of dead skin and hair as horse rugs prevent horses from exfoliating their skin properly.

    Mustad Horse Rugs

    At Mustad, we have a wide range of seasonal winter horse rugs to keep your horse covered and out of the cold this winter. 

    Our winter horse rugs come in a range of sizes and colours allow you to find the perfect cover for your horses, keeping them warm and snug through the cold weather. 

    In a range of materials, you can tailor your choice to suit your horses needs, allowing for the perfect protection no matter where you live.