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    Other Saddles for Horses

    Mustad Saddleworld stock a great range of other saddles including endurance saddles, stock saddles, western saddles and more. The Endurance saddle is used for the long-distance competition when endurance riding. Endurance riders need the comfort and balance to cover long distances over rough terrain,  so endurance saddles are often quilted or padded, and the stirrups are designed with wide foot tread to reduce fatigue. The Stock Saddle is a saddle which is widely used for activities that require long hourse in the saddle and a secure seat. The stock saddle is suitable for cattle work, starting young horses, everyday pleasure riding, trail riding, endurance riding, polocrosse and is also The western saddle, or "cowboy" saddle is familiar to movie viewers and rodeo fan. This saddle was designed to provide security and comfort to the rider when spending long hours on a horse, traveling over rugged terrain.