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Socem 750GM

Socem 750GM

$54.95 AUD






For head turning brilliant white socks, use SocEm white for your next competition.

Everyone with a competition horse or pony with white socks knows the hard work it takes to get the white socks clean and white and then to try to keep the socks clean until the competition the next day. SocEm has been designed to be applied the night before competition so it will aid in keeping socks clean overnight and during travel.

Socem comes in long lasting powder form which is mixed with water to make a smooth paste for application.

Once you have used SocEm, you will learn how much you need to mix for your individual horse. It is suitable for horses with clipped socks or natural unclipped socks.

Each Socem container comes with its own scoop and the directions are relevant to the scoop size in each individual container.

Add approx 100mL of water to approx 3 tablespoons of SocEm powder and mix with a paint brush (or similar) until combined into a smooth applicable paste.
Wash white socks or white highlights as normal.
Prior to stabling, apply SocEm White with a paint brush (or similar).
Wipe hooves clean for a neater finish.
Socem will help keep white socks clean overnight.
SocEm will dry overnight.
The next morning brush off excess dry SocEm with a soft body brush.

Note: If used regularly, wash socks after competition to avoid product build up.

SIZES: 750g

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