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Right Balance Hoof Supplement - 2.5kg

Right Balance Hoof Supplement - 2.5kg

$108.90 AUD



Right Balance



The proof is in the Hoof, Skin and Coat
Right Balance is a Nutritious, Natural Hoof Supplement containing all your horse needs to keep coat and hooves healthy from the inside out.
Right Balance by Mustad combines Biotin, Zinc (Zinpro) Vitamin E and other vital nutrients that have been proven to contribute to the health of hooves, skin and coats.
The benefits of Right Balance includes:
  • Improves soft, brittle hooves, cracks, seedy toe, sole ulcers and white line disease
  • Increases hoof growth
  • Builds hoof wall integrity
  • restores hair quality and lustre.
  • Improves dry skin and opaque coat.
  • Improves hoof condition
After 6-8 weeks, you will start to see a noticeable change in hoof quality and an increase in skin quality and lustre of coat.

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