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Horze PVC Handle Hoof Pick

Horze PVC Handle Hoof Pick

$1.95 AUD





26190 BLM

Hoof Picks

Hoof care is an essential part of caring for your horse. If proper hoof care is neglected, it can result in a wide range of short or long-term hoof diseases and injuries that can cause your horse a great deal of discomfort. One of the easiest ways to look after your horse's hooves is by cleaning and "picking out" its feet using a hoof pick.
Removing foreign objects from the sole of your horse’s hoof after each ride can help prevent common hoof ailments, such as thrush and bruising, which if left untreated can cause lameness.

What is a hoof pick?

A hoof pick is a small tool with a metal hook used to clean mud, rocks, manure and other debris from your horse's hooves. Many picks also feature a still bush for removing caked on mud and dirt.

Why should I have a hoof pick in my kit?

A hoof pick is a must-have in every rider’s grooming kit. Essential for cleaning your horse’s feet after each ride and removing foreign objects on the go, using a hoof pick regularly can significantly reduce your horse’s chance of infection. Daily cleaning can also catch puncture wounds early so that they can be treated more effectively. 
Hoof picks, used as part of daily grooming, gets your horse used to having their legs handled by humans, which helps when it comes to trimming, shoeing, clipping and applying wraps or boots to your horse’s feet. But most importantly of all, getting rid of dirt and debris keeps your horse comfortable, healthy and happy.

Mustad stocks a wide range of hoof picks

At Mustad Saddleworld we have a variety of hoof picks including picks with wood and plastic handles, different coloured grips, brushes and various size hooks and blades. 
Stocking the world’s most trusted equestrian brands, we have a wide selection of hoof picks from makers such as Horze, Chris Gregory and, of course, Mustad.
Hoof picks are also available as part of Mustad’s more extensive grooming kits.

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