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Sole Magic Hoof gel contains a drawing agent to assist in the management of Common Hoof Conditions including: Hoof Abcessess, Bruising, Nail Pricks, and Puncture Wounds.

Contains all Natural Ingredients and is Non-Swabable
Quick and Easy to apply

Available as a single use sachet containing Hoof Gel and Oakum for ease of application and placement of the Gel. Particularly suitable for horses wearing shoes where the use of the Wool Felt Pad is not absolutely necessary.

Also available as a Pad and Hoof Gel Kit where the Wool Felt Pad can provide extra comfort and protection to the bare footed horse

Best results achieved after two applications although on most occasions only one application is required. An airtight and dry environment should be maintained for best results.

This product can also be used on the bulbs of the heels and as a soft tissue poutice.

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