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Passier Compact Dressage Saddle Size 2

Passier Compact Dressage Saddle Size 2

$5,285.00 AUD






Passier Compact Dressage

Size 2 (17.5”) Brown- photo displaying black.

The Passier Compact Dressage saddle is a revoluntionary new design by Passier created and designed for horses with short backs and their riders! 

Until now, lots of riders with compact, short backed horses always had to select a small seat size to avoid their saddles protruding passed their horses last rib. But such a small seat area was often problematic for the rider and usually exerts too much pressure at the back of the saddle. Passier has a breakthrough-the Compact saddle combines a short contact surface for the horse with a significantly larger and more comfortable seat for the rider. The panels give the horse greater freedom through the shoulders and wither area, and the new W-girth arrangement ensures that the saddle remains firmly in place. Whilst pressure is taken off the horses scapula at the front, at the back the girth point exerts just the right pressure in precisely the area where the greatest hold is required.

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