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Painted Ponies - War Eagle

Painted Ponies - War Eagle

$89.95 AUD






The Trail Of Painted Ponies War Eagle – Standard Edition.

9.5” in height, Made from Resign and hand painted. 

The Native Americans felt a special kinship with the animals of the land, but they held the owls, eagles , hawks and other birds of prey in a higher respect for their swiftness, vision and fearless courage in order to be a successful warrior. There is an eagle, referred to as the ‘Golden Eagle’ by the Plains Indians, that is seen to prey upon animals larger than itself. It is beleived to be the most powerful creature in the animal kingdom, and this is why they wore headresses and war bonnets that incorporated feathers by the chiefs. 

Each painted pony comes in a laminated box, with a story card that completes the collectability of each Painted Pony.

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