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Kohnkes Own Trim - 1.4kg

Kohnkes Own Trim - 1.4kg

$58.95 AUD



Kohnkes Own



A Magnesium, Organic Chromium and Choline Supplement for Horses.

TRIM provides a range of important nutrients to correct low or inadequate levels in the rations of horses and ponies on weight reducing, low calorie diets.

Magnesium to support metabolic function and glucose utilisation in body cells where diets are low in magnesium.

Organic chromium has a role in the regulation of glucose metabolism. (Chromium is known as the ‘Glucose Tolerance Factor’ in relation to insulin response)

Choline and manganese have a role in the metabolism of fats..

TRIM also contains a range of other selected vitamins which have a role in glucose metabolism.

RRP $60.95

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