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Kohnkes Cell Iron 3.5KG

Kohnkes Cell Iron 3.5KG

$69.95 AUD






Cell Iron

Iron Supplement for Athletic Horses

Cell-Iron is an innovative way to supplement the diet of a race, endurance or eventing horse with additional iron, Vitamin B12 and folic acid which have roles as blood formation co-factors.

  • No sift-out (a problem with powders).
  • No sludging in the feed bin (a problem with liquids).
  • No adverse chemical reactions with vitamins in the same feed (a problem with liquids).
  • Minimal gut irritation (a problem with liquids and powders).

Iron Supplement for Athletic Horses to make up shortfalls in low or inadequate grain and hay based diets

3.5kg (175 x 20g doses)

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