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JL One Stop Leather Dress 1L

JL One Stop Leather Dress 1L

$39.95 AUD



Joseph Lyddy



Joseph Lyddy One Stop Leather Dressing softens, conditions and shines. It protects, softens and revitalises old leather, restoring natural animal and tanning oils. Assists in preserving and waterproofs all leathers.

Recommended for all leather products:
• Saddles 
• Harnesses 
• Travel Goods 
• Upholstery 
• Gloves 
• Belts 
• Race and Trotting Gear 
• Boots and Shoes 
• Coats and Jackets 
• Sporting Goods

Directions for use:
• Wipe surface clean.
• Shake vigorously before use and apply Joseph Lyddy One Stop evenly with a smooth soft cloth or a smooth soft brush.
• Allow One Stop to be absorbed, then polish with a smooth soft cloth. Assist absorbtion by standing in a warm area.
• Apply additional coats as required.
• Finish by polishing with a smooth soft cloth.

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