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Sierra Horse Halter

Sierra Horse Halter

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Sierra Horse Halter is a revolutionary way to communicate with your horse. When engaged, the halter puts pressure on the bridge of the horses nose and the crest of the neck. At the same time, the pressure is completely relieved at the poll behind the ears. Teach your horse to lead respectfully, stand quietly on a single tie or cross tie, and accelerate training for head carriage and head and neck control.

The Sierra Horse Halter can be used like any other halter and for the same purposes, but it gives you much more.

A small person can have much more power over a 1000 pound horse because of more control over where that horse puts his nose. Horses that pull back when tied or when they feel pressure on the poll from regular halters, are given a new feel to react to, and that reaction is usually very favorable.

Horses that pull their owners around when leading will stop and walk respectfully along side. Even those horses that yank you around for a bite of grass will stop. It is not because they are hurt in any way. The halter simply limits the movement as far as where the horse can put the nose. It is an amazing product that will change the way you look at halters. No knots to put pressure on sensitive areas. Two points of contact instead of heavy contact in the poll area. Vertical head carriage comes naturally when using the halter.

Pushy stallions are much more controllable with this halter. When a horse pulls back and puts pressure on themselves the halter pulls the nose back towards the chest and releases pressure at the poll. This in no way hurts the horse and it does not limit air supply. It is more like a wrestlers block. The Sierra Horse Halter is not just another piece of rope, it is a tool! 


Colours are representitive of SIZE:
Medium Sierra Horse Halters fit Adult Quarter Horses, and most other horses of this size; Small Friesians, Adult Thourobred's, Tennessee Walking Horses, Large Type Arabians, any average type horse of this size. 

Large Sierra Horse Halters fit larger Friesians, Andalusians, Warmbloods and horses that are around this size. Sometimes horses with huge necks need a larger size even though the halter part fits well.

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