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Back to Pony Club 2017!

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Back to Pony Club 2017!


Pony Club teaches children there is more to horses than just the riding. There’s so much to know about the wellbeing and health of your horses and ponies, as well as the foundations of practical and safe riding. Development of knowledge and ability of riders is what Pony Club is all about, and the fun and friendships that are created are an added bonus!

Pony Club was originally founded in England in 1929. It began primarily as junior groups of the numerous hunt clubs, to encourage young people to learn to ride and enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding. The concept grew quite quickly, to 59 branches within a year and is now represented in 29 countries worldwide.

The first recorded pony club in Australia was in Ingleburn, New South Wales in 1938 By Mrs Marjory Hirst and her family. Pony Club began in Victoria in 1944 with the first club being the ‘Mountain District Horse and Pony Club’ in Croydon.

If you’re looking to join a pony club, there’s more than likely one close to you! For example in Victoria there are 192 clubs in 10 different zones. – http://www.ponyclubaustralia.com.au/AboutUs/OurHistory.aspx

For example,

- Ballan Pony Club in the Barwon Zone
- Whittlesea Pony club in the Central Zone
- Mallacoota Pony Club in the East Gippsland Zone
- Bendigo Pony Club in the Midland Zone
- Yarrawonga Pony club in the North Eastern Zone
- Kinglake Pony Club in the Northern Metropolitan Zone
- Deniliquin Pony Club in the Northern Zone
- Glenelg Pony club in The Wannon Zone

 And the list goes on and on!


“Rallies”, the regular meetings of the clubs, are two types: instructional and recreational.

“At my Pony Club we have what we call a ‘rally’ on the 3rd Sunday of every month. At those rallies we have set sessions and have fabulous instructors that our Pony Club sources to teach us. We have 3-4 sessions a day that are approximately 40 minutes each. In those sessions, the lessons (depending on the rally), can range from Dressage/Flat lessons, Show Jumping lessons, games/novelties lessons, Cross Country lessons and theory lessons. My pony club even holds in-house competitions and camps for us to attend! “ – Kerryn, Kilmore store.

For the year ahead in 2017, Mustad Saddleworld has everything you need to get your young equestrian ready for the pony club season!

  1. A New Helmet
    Except where Sport Rules allows otherwise, riders and drivers competing in an EA competition, must wear an approved helmet with the chin strap fastened at all times. The same is recommended when riding a horse at any time. – http://www.equestrian.org.au/content/current-approved-safety-standards-helmets

    For example the new VG1 Standard Eurohunter Cambridge Helmet.

    Helmets only have a 5 year lifespan, similar to a use by date. Some people may not realise that this doesn’t start from when you purchase the helmet, but from when the helmet was manufactured. Also it is highly recommended that you replace your helmet after a fall or knock to the head as the helmet may be compromised. Make sure that the helmet you are purchasing is compatible with the safety standards that Pony Club has! This is one of the favourites amongst our staff of helmets to choose for this upcoming year!
  2. The Vipa Body Protector
    No matter how young or old you are, it is essential that you protect yourself from our worst fear, the falls and tumbles!  The VIPA Body Protector is designed for both female and male riders. It is made using Air Mesh a lightweight material allowing for ventilation and for its strength. The shock absorbing foam rubber is especially designed to absorb impact when needed and with it been perforated, it gives it extra airflow and ventilation for rider comfort.

    “I love my body protector; it has saved me on so many occasions when things could’ve been a lot worse. Its lightweight, it looks good and most of all its comfortable!”
  3. Jodphur Boots
    Are your Pony Club boots getting a bit worn out and tired? Have your feet grown and getting a bit small?

    “At my Pony Club, when we get gear checked we also get points on how well presented and clean we and our horses are, and our gear and tack are. These points go towards awards that are presented at our end of year gymkhana. So when my boots get a bit tired, I surely need all the points I can get and these boots are smart at such an awesome price.”

    Eurohunter Joddy Boots
    Tried and proven as a comfortable, long wearing, economical and good looking all purpose leather jodhpur boot. Hard wearing sole, unisex design acceptable to Pony Clubs. Colours: Black or Brown.

    Thomas Cook Clubber Boots
    These boots have a leather upper, premium quality elastic, reinforced heel counter, steel shank and rubber sole.  Colours: Black or Brown.

  4. Jodhpurs and Breeches
    Depending on the club you are a member of, or looking to become a member of, most Pony Clubs have different colours for uniform. Some clubs allow their members to wear black jodhpurs differing from the standard cream/beige/white jodhpurs.

    “I like to wear black jodhpurs to my rallies as my club permits because they stay a little cleaner. At competitions it is regulation to wear the beige/cream/white as per the competition. My favourite of all time breeches/riding tights are the Kerrits. They’re amazingly comfortable and they look very smart on too!”
    Kerrits Kids Flex Full Seat Tights
    Give them total freedom with added security – in the saddle that is. Kerrits stretchy Durabreathe™ fabric never restricts movement while Gripstretch™ Suede full seat panels add flexible stick to help seats stay put. Low-profile side pocket is positioned for easy access in the saddle.
  5. Kerrits Kids Ice Fil Riding Tights
    Heatwaves never cool kids desire to ride so we made pants to help keep them cool from the bottom up. Ice Fil fabric lowers skin temperature by up to five degrees, while blocking dangerous UV rays. The anti-slip silicone Kerrits Sticks along the inseam creates a grip that breathes for added confidence without added sweat!

    Kerrits Performance Riding Tight
    These tights have given millions of kids a leg up on their riding careers with comfy, durable performance fabric that is softer than a little girls whisper to her pony. Designed to be washed and washed again, these tights are as likely to lose their shape as your daughter is to lose her love of horses.. Ain’t gonna happen!


  1. Woofwear Club Overreach Boots
    “For cross-country and jumping, I like to protect my horse as much as I can…. I would probably wrap them in bubble wrap if I could! But the next best things I can buy are the Woof Wear Overreach Boots. These boots protect their tendons and legs when they are being worked.” 

  2. Stirrups
    The Peacock Stirrup Iron is very popular for use by children. It is a particular type of safety iron, designed so that the rubber ring is located on the outside of the foot, and will come away in the event of a fall. The idea of this is that the foot is released and prevents the rider from being "hung up".

    Needing some extra added safety? Peacock stirrups are designed so that if the rider falls off the pony or horse, the rubber band will slide off the top of the metal bar to prevent the rider’s foot being caught in the stirrup and it avoids the rider being dragged. These are excellent stirrups!
  3. Nylon Halters
    Available in Pony, Cob and Full sizes and a range of various colours.

    “With everything I’ve got, it all has to match. My favourite colour is pink, and so fortunately all of my geldings gear is pink! Luckily lots of halters come in pink! These halters are great and at an amazing price!”

Guest Staff Blogger: Kerryn

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