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The Porter by Mustad Saddle Collection

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Thursday, 01 December 2016

The Porter by Mustad Saddle Collection

Introducing the Porter By Mustad Saddle Collection.

One of the country’s Master Saddlers, Phil Porter, in conjunction with the Mustad group, is excited to announce the launch of the Porter by Mustad Saddle Collection.

The collection comprises a Monoflap Dressage saddle made from double calf leather, available in three colour styles and three sizes, and a Stock saddle, made from American Hermann Oak Leather, available in Chocolate and Oznut in two sizes.

Available exclusively through Mustad Saddleworld, the Porter by Mustad Saddle Collection will be officially launched at this year’s EQUITANA in Melbourne 2016.

At Mustad Saddleworld, we are a destination store for horse owners and hoofcare professionals alike.

Offering all the big name equestrian brands in saddlery products and clothing, as well as full representation of the Mustad hoofcare product range. It has now extended its proposition further by launching this exclusive Porter by Mustad Saddle Collection across the three Mustad stores and online shop

Created by Phil Porter, master saddler and manager of the North Richmond store in New South Wales, the Porter by Mustad Saddle Collection is the culmination of a lifetime fascination with saddle making, sparked during a childhood in Victoria surrounded by horses. For the past 18 years Phil has been honing his craft, working with the likes of Peter Horobin, who did his time at Passier, one of Europe’s oldest saddleries, as well as alongside Mark Goodwin, Head Master Saddler for Her Majesty the Queen.

Learning from the best, Phil has put all his experience into designing and creating his own range of saddles. Renowned for his superior handcrafted saddles made in his workshop, initially in Geelong and now at his new home in North Richmond, NSW, Phil has gone into partnership with the Mustad Group. With its global technical support, the collaboration has now allowed him to launch his saddle collection to a wider audience through Mustad Saddleworld.

An accomplished rider in his own right, Phil has been creating saddles for top class polocrosse players for many years, including Australian Men’s Polocrosse team members, Hayden Turnbull and Lance Anderson, who ride in the Porter by Mustad Stock saddle.

“My Porter by Mustad saddle is comfortable and gives me a full range of movement, making it good for a big day mustering or a weekend of polocrosse.” – Hayden Turnbull

The Porter by Mustad Stock saddle is made from American Hermann Oak Leather. The tree is made from carbon fibre, making it strong and lightweight. The base of the tree has a shock-absorbent memory foam layer for maximum weight distribution through the horses top line. The saddle has three way rigging, stainless steel hardware and platinum stirrup irons.

The Porter by Mustad Monoflap Dressage saddle is made from double calf leather to ensure maximum lower leg grip, and is available in black with black patent or brown trim, and brown with brown trim. The saddletree is made from carbon fibre polymer, making it both very strong and lightweight. It has a fully interchangeable gullet system to adapt to a large range of horses. The monoflap design allows close contact between horse and rider.

Buying a saddle is a big investment and with a wider range of saddles to choose from than ever before, Mustad Saddleworld can cater to all price ranges and riding disciplines from pony clubbers up to adult riding professionals.

Phil’s advice when asked about purchasing a new saddle is to start with the rider, assessing build and position. This can be done initially in the store on a horse stand to help identify suitable saddles and then one of the Mustad Saddleworld qualified saddle fitters would go to the customers stable to try them out.

The second step is to assess the horse conformation (the way the horse is built through the shoulder and across the top line). These factors together will help choose the correct saddle for the rider and their horse.

For more information on the new PORTER BY MUSTAD SADDLE COLLECTION and Mustad Saddleworld, read our story here or call us on 1300MUSTAD (687 823).

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