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Bridle and Bridlewear

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    Bridles and Bridlewear for Horses

    An extensive range of riding tack and bridlewear

    Tack simply refers to all of the equipment and accessories used on a horse, and related animals such as mules, for riding, handling and work.

    There are different kinds of tack for different tasks your horse may be doing. The items you need for your horse will differ if you keep it as a pet, train it for riding, compete in equestrian sports or if you use it for work, such as pulling carriages.

    Everyday horse riding and equestrian tack items include saddles, bridles, halters, bits stirrups and reins.

    Types of horse riding tack


    Saddles are perhaps the most iconic piece of horse tack. In their purest form, a saddle is a seat for the horse’s rider. It’s fastened to the horse's back by a wide strap, called a girth or cinch, that reaches around the horse behind the forelegs. There are a lot of saddles on the market, each with unique features. The most common types of saddle are dressage saddles, jump saddles and stock saddles, including western saddles. Saddles are often accompanied by other pieces of tack including saddle pads, blankets, girths and cinches, breastplates and saddle bags.

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    Stirrups are light metal frames that attached to the saddle with a strap, called a stirrup leather. Stirrups come in pairs and help the rider mount their horse and to hold the rider’s foot in place while they ride, improve rider stability and control the horse’s actions.

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    A bridle is an instantly recognisable piece of tack used in equestrian sports and riding to help direct and communicate with the horse. A bridle is composed of the headstall, a bit or bits and the reins. Most bridles will also have a noseband that wraps around the horse’s nose and jaw. You can also get bitless bridles or hackamores, differ from standard bridles in that they do not include a bit; instead, bitless bridles apply pressure to parts of the horse's head and face, but not the mouth.

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    A halter, sometimes known as a headcollar, is a piece of horse tack used to lead or tie up the horse when it’s not being ridden. Halters are often confused with another piece of horse tack, the bridle. Halters differ from bridles in that they do not include a bit and are usually made of sturdier materials. It’s much safer to use a halter to secure your animal, as the bit of a bridle may injure the horse's mouth if it sets back while tied with a bridle.

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    Reins are another element of a horse’s tack which is used to help the rider direct and communicate with the horse. Reins are leather, rope or synthetic straps that attach to the horse’s bit or bridle and are used by the rider to control the movement of the horse and give subtle commands.

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    A bit is a piece of essential equestrian tack used in horse riding and other equestrian activities. Bits are made of metal or hard synthetic material and are placed in the horse’s mouth to help the rider direct the animal’s movement. The bit is held on the horse's head by the bridle. The reins attach to the bit. Bits use the principle of negative reinforcement to communicate with the horse. The rider applies pressure on the bit in the horse's mouth through the reins and the horse is rewarded for the correct response.

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    Mustad is the Australian horse tack specialist

    At Mustad Saddleworld, we have a variety of tack for all styles of riding, English riding, western riding, endurance riding, show jumping, racing and mustering.

    No matter which sport you love, you will find every piece of tack your horse needs at Mustad all year around, including bridles and bridlewear, bits, reins and halters. We can also help you stand out from the crowd and customise your tack with our extensive collection of tack accessories, such as saddle pads, browbands, leads and much more.

    Stocking the world's most trusted equestrian brands, we have a wide selection of horse tack from makers such as Academy, Derby, Eurohunter, Grainge, Harcour, Horze, Horseware Ireland, Le Mieux, Saddlery Trading Co, Schockemohle Sports, Stubben, Zilco, and many more.