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    Finding the Right Rug for Your Horse

    Horse rugs are a must for any stable, because a good quality and well-fitted horse rug ensures that your horse remains healthy and in peak condition, while being safe and comfortable.

    Our range includes winter horse rugs to keep your horses protected from the cold, rainy days in the paddock, and summer horse rugs to offer protection from the sun and insects. Horse blankets for all seasons are also available, providing year round coverage for your horses.

    Types of Horse Rugs and Accessories

    There are many different types of horse rugs, and they all have different uses. To help decide which is the right one for you, here is a list of rug types and a range of popular accessories.

    Winter Horse Rugs

    Mustad Maximus Combo Winter Horse Rug

    Keep your horses extra warm in winter, with layers of padding, thermal insulation and windproof outer layers. Our range of cold-weather winter horse rugs is sure to keep your horse safe and comfortable through those chilly winter nights and windy days.

    Summer Horse Rugs

    Mustad Summer Deluxe Horse Rug

    The Aussie extremes of heat in summer can be extremely uncomfortable - and sometimes dangerous - for animals. Light and breathable, our summer horse rugs will provide your horse with comfort and protection through the hot summer days.

    All Season Horse Rugs

    Academy Jute Horse All Seasons Rug

    These handy all-rounders offer year-round protection. Our all season horse rugs and canvas horse ripstop rugs are popular amongst horse owners, providing strong, natural, breathable and affordable fabrics that have many advantages over more modern synthetic fabrics.

    Horse Neck Rugs

    Eurohunter Air Flow Neck Rug

    Horse neck rugs offer additional protection around the vulnerable neck area of your horse, alleviating the impact of extreme temperatures and minimising irritation from bugs and insects. They can be easily added when your horse needs extra warmth or weather protection.

    Horse Hoods

    EH Grand National Deluxe Hood

    Horse hoods cover the head just above the muzzle, with openings for the eyes and ears. Summer hoods with light, breathable material keep your horse cool and protected from insects. In winter, a heavier horse hood can provide warmth and protection from wind, rain and cold.

    Horse Tail Bags

    Mustad Summer Deluxe Horse Tail Bag

    Ensure that your horse’s tail stays sleek, tangle-free and smooth. Horse tail bags keep your horse's tail clean and free of dust and debris from the paddock, and this will encourage healthy growth. Keeping your horse’s tail neat and tidy means less grooming time for you.

    Safety Tips for Horse Rugs

    Horse Rugs Keep Your Horse Protected from the Elements

    • Well-fitted rugs allow for the horse’s hair to stand up as a warmth reflex
    • Check horse rugs daily to ensure straps are not broken, as this can be dangerous
    • Horse rugs should be removed regularly to prevent chafing and water leaks
    • Rugged horses must be groomed frequently to remove built up skin and hair
    • Horses wearing hoods must be checked regularly to ensure that eyesight is not impaired