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    Find Your Perfect Horse Rugs at Mustad Saddleworld

    Horse rugs are a must have in any stable, and at Mustad Saddleworld we aim to bring you the widest range of horse rug options available. Among our range of horse rugs online you will find great winter horse rugs online to keep your horses warm and protected from the cold, rainy, long days in the paddock, and summer horse rugs to give them protection for them hot sun, and the flys and bugs. Horse blankets for all seasons are also available, to provide all year round coverage for your horses.

    Mustad Saddleworld also provide you with great choices of matching rug accessories including neck rugs, hoods and tail bags to give your horse the complete protection kit. With huge choice in colour, style, material and size, we know we have just what you're looking for.  Horse rugs for sale online at Mustad Saddleworld, no matter what the season, are high quality, reliable product.  Also find among this range a great selection of travel boots to keep your horse safe and secure when on the road.

    Types of Horse Rugs 

    There is a huge range of horse rugs available from Mustad Saddleworld. To help you decide which horse rugs are right for yopu, here is our quick run-down of the different styles of horse rug available:

    Winter Horse Rugs

    Extra warm, with layers of padding, thermal insulation, and windproof outer layers. Our range of cold-weather winder horse rugs wll be sure to keep your horse warm through those chilly winter nights and windy days.

    Summer Horse Rugs

    Light and breathable, summer horse rugs from Mustad Saddleworld will provide your horse the comfort and protection through the hot summer days. 

    All Season Horse Rugs

    All season horse rugs and canvas horse ripstop rugs are the choice for many horse owners, providing strong, natural, breathable and affordable fabrics that have many advantages over more modern synthetic fabrics.

    Horse Neck Rugs

    Detachable horse neck rugs can easily be removed or put on when your horse needs extra warmth or weather protection. 

    Horse Hoods

    Horse hoods cover the horse’s head just above the muzzle, with openings for the eyes and ears. In summer hoods with light, breathable material will keep your horse cool and protected from flys and bugs. Or in winter, a heavier horse hood can provide warmth and protection from wind, rain and cold. 

    Horse Tail Bags

    Horse tail bags keep your horse's tail clean and and encourages your the tail to grow beautifully. That means less grooming time for you!