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    Horse Riding Helmets with Safety and Style

    Be safe and feel confident in your horse riding helmet, each and every time you get on your horse. Choose from a wide range of Eurohunter helmets, Zilco riding helmets and more to find the perfect style, colour and fit for you or your little ones as they learn to ride.

    Approved safety standard equestrian helmets are important for every single rider. Safety around horses is important, especially when learning to ride, and a well-fitted, quality horse riding helmet should be the number one item on your checklist.

    Once you detirme your size, our extensive range allow you to make great choices in the colour, material, and look and feel of your horse riding helmet. With a range of horse riding helmets for sale in pleather, microfibre and more, our Mustad Saddleworld will keep you safe and stylish at the same time.

    Get the Perfect Fit for Your Horse Riding Helmet

    If your horse riding helmet does not fit properly it will not provide the protection you need. So getting the fit right is vitally important. Here is our step-by-step guide to getting the perfect horse riding helmet fit:

    1. Measure Your Head
      Start 2cm above your eyebrows and measure the size of your head around the skull. This will give you the starting point for matching the horse riding helmet size to you.
    2. Perfect the Fit
      The helmet should fit firmly on your head and not shake. Properly fitted horse riding helmets cover the entire head including the back portion; they should not drop down to the top of your head completely. check to make sure that the helmed does not move forward or backward when touched.
    3. Change Size if Necessary
      Your horse riding helmet should fit snugly around your head. If the helmet can move side-to-side then there is room between your head and the helmet and you will need to go down to a smaller size. On the other hand if your head feels tight and uncomfortable in the helmet you will need to go up to a larger size. Everyone’s head is different, so your initial measurement may not fit the shape and fit of your head in the helme.
    4. Adjust the Chin Strap
      Adjust the chin strap on your helmet so that it fits snugly under your chin. This will ensure that the helmet stays in place while riding.
    5. Check Brim Position
      In horse riding helmets the brim is typically supposed to be 3-4cm above your eyebrows. If the brim is higher than that, the helmet will not provide full protection and if it is lower it will restrict your field of vision.

    Our final comment is to always keep in mind that every manufacturer has variances in fit, so always follow their instructions. It should also be kept in mind that horse riding helmets do not last forever: it is recommended that you replace your helmet every four to five years regardless of damage or visible wear.