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    Riding Gaiters and Chaps

    At Mustad Saddleworld we know when purchasing a pair of riding chaps or boot gaiters you will have many considerations including what suits your size, shape, riding style and how often you ride. Firstly, Chaps come in two types, which are full chaps and half chaps. Our selection of full chaps tend to cover the whole leg and are made out of suede or waterproof material. Full chaps also tend to feature zips down the outside of both legs allowing riders to take them off with ease. More commonly worn are half chap, which only cover the lower half of the rider’s leg, from the knee down to the ankle. Half chaps feature a zip that runs down the outside of the riders calf and an elastic panel behind the zip, which allows the chaps can fit snug to the rider’s leg. We also stock a range of boot gaiters, which are similar to half chaps in both design and uses. However, boot gaiters are made from smooth leather which creates a more professional, smooth look. Where half chaps are more common for everyday use, gaiters are more popular in eventing and competitions.