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    Horse Halters and Head Collars

    Horse halters are an essential item that gives you a means of control over your horse when you are not riding. We have a wide selection of colours, styles and materials to choose from in a range of sizes, ensuring that you get the best fit for your horse. We also have a variety of horse leads to match.

    Types of Horse Halters

    If you are looking to buy a horse halter there are a variety of different options. The three main types are:

    • Leather halters

    • Nylon halters
    • Rope halters

    Choosing the Best Halter Type for Your Horse

    At Mustad Saddleworld we believe horse halters are an essential item to give you means of control over your horse when you're not riding. A leather halter is a classic style for around the barn or on showgrounds, while nylon halters are a great way to dress up your horses and give them a bit of colour. Rope halters for horses are also important and can be great to use as a training aid. Choose from a wide selection of colours, styles and materials with a range of sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit for your horse. Also find great horse leads to match!

    Waldhausen X-Line Leather Halter

    Leather halters not only look fantastic, they also offer a great deal of strength and durability. Because leather can stretch slightly over time, it’s important to check the fit of a leather halter to make sure it hasn’t become too loose. They are ideal for grooming and tying, and some are specially designed for safety during turnout, with breakaway crowns.

    Waldhausen X-Line Leather Halter

    Nylon halters are a commonly used type of halter, popular for their ability to handle exposure to the weather, resist abrasion and prevent mildew. They’re easy to maintain and they tend to hold their colour well over time, making them a good long term investment. A simple nylon halter is ideal for trailering, grooming or bathing your horse.

    Knotted Rope Halter and Lead

    Rope halters are built for comfort, and their intended use is for ground work and horse handling. Rope halters require a correct type of knot tying to secure the halter to the horse's head. They are machine washable and use knots instead of buckles and rings. Since there are no buckles on the side of the halter, it makes cross tying a lot harder.