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    Horse Clippers and Trimmers From Wahl, Oster and More

    At Mustad Saddleworld we have a range of the best horse clippers on the market, making it easy to find the perfect pair for any job. Choose from our wide range of cordless and heavy-duty corded horse trimmers and horse clippers for regular grooming of your horse, or even touch up trimmers for a quick fix-up job. We know you want to make the perfect choice when investing in a set of horse clippers; with only the best horse clippers available from Mustad Saddleworld, we know you'll feel confident and happy with your choice in a set of horse clippers to suit any job.

    Only the Best Horse Clipper Brands

    • Wahl Horse Clippers
    • Oster Horse Clippers
    • Heiniger Horse Clipper Blades
    • Shear Magic Horse Clippers

    Tips for Buying Horse Clippers

    When buying horse clippers there are a few important things to consider. The first is how often and how heavily you are going to be clipping your horse: if you’re only lightly or infrequently clipping then you might only need a light duty horse clipper like the Wahl KMSS Single Speed Clippers. On the other hand if you clip regularly or have multiple horses that need clipping, then you might want to invest in a high-end horse clipper for heavy-duty regular use, such as the Oster Clipmaster.

    Another major consideration is durability and maintenance. It’s important to oil your clipper regularly, so make sure you have horse clipper oil. No clipper blades will last forever, so you need to also consider having spare horse clipper blades handy for when your first set inevitably dulls. Also please keep in mind that water or moisture is the biggest killer or sharpness on any clipper blades, and horse clipper blades are no exception – so always keep your horse clippers dry and try to avoid getting them wet in the first place.