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    Horse Reins and Bridle Accessories

    Mustad Saddleworld has a huge range of horse reins and bridle accessories available for any rider and their horse. Bridle accessories should complement your exisiting bridle or reins including neck straps, rein stops, bridle pads and more. If you're looking to make your bridle look brand new once again, a range of bridle parts including nosebands, crown pieces, browbanes or cheek peices to replace your old ones is the perfect option. Bridle accessories come in a range of styles, design and colours to suit each and every riders needs. At Mustad Saddleworld we aim to provide you with the best range of choices to suit your needs.

    Choosing the Right Reins for Your Riding Style

    There are a huge range of reins available for horse riding. Whether you are a casual weekend rider or a dedicated eventer, the right reins can make all the difference. Riding is a conversation between you and your horse, communicated through your body, your vioce, and perhaps most importantly, your hands. The reins are the conduit between your hands and your horse and your choice of reins can either enhance or hinder your communication.

    The Importance of Weight and Quality in Choosing Reins

    Regardless of the type of reins you choose for your horse, you need good quality heavyweight reins – your horse will thank you! Heavier reins are easier for your horse to feel; the weight of the reins transfers the movements of your hands in a consistent and noticeable way. This means your subtle signals will be picked up by your horse giving you more fine-grained control of your horse. 

    Using reins made from lightweight material means your horse won’t be able to feel your signals as clearly. Poor quality reins can lead you to pull on the reins more than necessary and apply undue pressure on your horses mouth in order to get a response to your cues. High quality reins are an investment in your ride experience and are better for you and your horse.

    Types of Horse Reins

    English Reins

    English reins are one of the most standard reins. English bridles usually come with two reins that buckle onto the bridle on either side and then buckle to each other. To enhance grip, many English reins feature plaits, braids or laces that provide textured grip to prevent slippage.

    Split Reins

    Split reins are not attached to each other at the ends and are a popular type of rein in western riding. Split reins prevent a horse from getting tangled when the rein is dropped and are much longer than closed reins; usually 180 to 240 cm long. Although split reins do not attach to each other, some riders choose to tie them together in a knot – proving how flexible split reins can be. Split reins are flat and smooth, lacking the grip features of other reins, meaning some riders find them hard to use as they are easily dropped. 

    Closed Reins

    Closed “continuous loop” reins are made from a single length leather, rope, or nylon, and are popular for casual trail riding where you don’t need to guide every step. Closed reins are also commonly used in rodeo events and when working cattle events because they will not fall underneath the horse or get tangled if they are dropped. Choose closed reins that are heavy and thick, filling the hand for comfort.