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    Farriers Heller Rasps

    Mustad Heller hoof rasps are designed and crafted by Heller International, a member of the Mustad Group. Heller has a long tradition in designing and manufacturing hoof rasps. The history goes back to 1836, when George Heller, a German immigrant, started producing rasp tools and files in Newark US.  A good hoof rasp is one that is sharp and predictably removes material without the teeth becoming clogged, regardless of the direction of work. Heller strives to achieve continuous improvement and perfection, using innovative technologies and a high reliable production process. To reduce the risk of damage every Heller farrier rasp is carefully inspected before it leaves the factory and then each rasp is individually wrapped in protective paper. Mustad Saddleworld stock a range of Rasp brands including Heller, Bellota, Diamond and more.