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    Farriers Heller Rasps

    Heller Rasps

    A reliable hoof rasp is a valuable tool for farriers, who use the coarse files to remove the excess wall from horses' hooves. Mustad's range of Heller hoof rasps is designed by Heller International, which has been manufacturing rasps since 1836 and is a member of the Mustad Group.

    Choose the right Heller rasp for the conditions

    The amount of moisture on the ground is one of the most important environmental factors to consider for hoof health. Like a sponge, the foot of a horse can become soft and saturated when the ground is wet. When shoeing a horse, it is essential to have the right tools. In the case of rasps, having the ideal rasp depends on the conditions to which the horse's hoof is exposed.

    Best Heller rasps for wet weather

    Rasps for wet conditions have more prominent teeth with a slight angle. This angle allows the material to move aside and fall, avoiding accumulation on the surface of the rasp. The Heller Legend series works best under humid conditions. The Legend Rasp has a regular row of six teeth, while the Gr8at Legend is broader and has eight teeth per row. The Black Legend is a premium rasp with an extra coating to make it wear resistant and ensure material is released from the rasp easily.

    Best Heller rasps for dry weather

    When hooves are dry, they become harder and require a different type of rasp. The Red Tang has smaller teeth with no angle; this allows the farrier to achieve a smoother result with less work. The Black Master rasp is mostly the same red tang, but it has an extra coating that extends the rasp sharpness and life. Finally, the Gre8t Red Tang is wider and works best for horses with large hooves.

    Best all-weather Heller rasps

    What if you need a rasp that works in any weather condition? In this case, you should try the eXceL Legend and the eXceL Original. These rasps work well under any conditions and have 10 per cent more surface than a regular Heller Rasp. Mustad stocks a range of rasp brands online and in-store, including Heller, Bellota, Diamond and more.