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Equinade Hair Polish 500ML

Equinade Hair Polish 500ML

$21.25 AUD






The unique formulation of Showsilk Hair Polish is highly effective in caring for coats, manes and tails. It contains shine boosters that are absorbed by hair strands to give a longer lasting shine. An anti-static agent has been incorporated to help stop those annoting fly-away strands. To ensure your pets health is protected, the formulation has a gentle pH balance to help avoid skin irritations. A pleasant fragrance has also been added so that your animal will smell fantastic too!


How can Showsilk Hair Polish help you? 
- Easily untangles knots in tails, manes and long-haired dogs and cats.
- Helps prevent knots returning quickly
- An essential grooming aid to greatly reduce hair breakage
- Seals the hair strands to help prevent staining and discolouring
- Repels dust and dirt to keep coats and tails cleaner for longer
- Can be applied to either a wet or dry coat
- Creates a long lasting shine and fantastic lingering fragrance

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