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    Horse Riding Boots and Country Footwear

    Mustad Saddleworld is proud of the huge range of footwear we offer our customers with huge selections of jodhpur boots, dress boots, work boots, casual boots, gumboots and other footwear. Find just what you're looking for including horse riding boots, tall riding boots, paddock boots and much more! Our range of riding boots, work boots and kids footwear will leave you with options for the whole family! Look stylish and feel comfortable with stock from only the best brands including R.M Williams, Blundstone, Eurohunter, Cully, Ariat, Bogs and more.

    A Wide Range of Horse Riding Boots and Other Boots

    For the men, we have great ranges of size and colour work boots to keep you dry in the cold, wet winters and light weight to allow you to work quickly in the summers. We also stock the best quality dress boots, to keep you looking sharp around the clock. For the ladies we stock a great range of riding boots that will leave you looking great while you ride your horse, comfortable while you work in the yards, or colourful to match any country outfit. Keep your little ones running around and happy with our great range of kids boots, including paddock boots and more, allowing them to have comfortable well fitted footwear as they grow and play.

    Jodhpur Boots

    Mustad Saddleworld stocks a wide range of Jodhpur boots for riding and every day use. Whether you wear your boots for riding or just around the town or the farm, jodhpur boots are a stylish and practical choice. 

    Western Boots

    Are you country at heart? Nothing screams “country boy” or “country girl” like a pair of western ‘cowboy’ boots! Even better; western boots are actually amazing riding boots, with a comfortable fit and strong, practical build.

    Dress Boots

    When you’re not out riding you need a beautiful dress boot with perfect fit and premium features. If you’re a dressage rider you want to take care of every element of your look and a high-end drass boot will perfectly complement your perfect presentation and ride.

    Work Boots

    A job’s gotta be done and you’ve gotta do it! Designed for comfort and safety, get the job done and protect your toes with our hand-picked range of popular work boots.


    The humble gumboot: staple of the farm and stable. Who would have thought there would be much more to gumboots than rubber, but there is! Today’s gumboots are stylish, comfortable, and as varied as the people that wear them.