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Hoof Knives and Sharpeners

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    Farriers Hoof Knives and Sharpeners

    After removing the old horseshoe, the first step in horse hoof trimming is to use a knife to remove material from the bottom of the hoof.

    Knives are a must-have tool for farriers, so the blades need to remain sharp for a long time. Our knives are made from high-quality tool steel that makes them last for lifetime and still a pleasure to use.

    Hoof knives need to be comfortable and balanced for easy use by the farrier. The wooden handle gives it a natural feeling and a good grip. The blade is aligned with the lower part of the handle for better precision and accuracy while trimming the horses sole.

    Hooks made with a smaller radius make it easier to trim each horse. Also, by having a small hook, farriers can accurately form smaller holes in the hooves when removing abscesses.

    Mustad stock a range of brands including the Mustad hoof knife, FR Dick, Double S, Chris Gregory and more.

    Right, Left or Loop Blades?

    Hoof knives are available in the right and left versions; some farriers have both left and right blades. We also offer the loop blades knives.