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Farriers' Forging Tools

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    Farriers’ Forging Tools

    Farriers use forging tongs to hold horseshoes and steel while forging or shaping them under high-temperatures.

    The tongs help the farrier get the shoe into and out of the hot forge and also hold the shoe when shaping it on the anvil or stall jack.

    Mustad forging tools have grip handles to keep the material in place with as little effort as possible, making blacksmithing safer and more stable.

    Mustad forging tools are made from high-quality, durable steel and are available in a range of sizes to best suit the farrier and their work.

    Suitable for a variety of sections of steel - usually a farrier will have a selection of different sizes to fit the lengths of metal they work with regularly.

    Competition forging tools

    Mustad forging tongs are great for competitions. Made from heat-resistant material, our forging tools allow for the long-term exertion of power while working with high temperatures.