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The right type of shoe for your horse

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The right type of shoe for your horse

There are many different breeds of horses in Australia being used for many different jobs so we need to be aware of the importance of choosing the correct shoe from many different types of horseshoes – one that is suitable for the job, but more importantly suitable for the horse.

Nail placement is also extremely important. The correct placement for the nail should start at the outer edge of the white line and proceed up and out through the wall at the desired height. This should be approximately one third of the overall length of the wall from the coronary band to the ground. When the clinch is turned down it should be the same length as the width of the nail. The reason for this is if your horse has the misfortune to pull a shoe off, the clinch will straighten out and pull back through the hole without breaking the wall away, which means that you need only straighten the shoe out and re nail it using the same nail holes.

Keeping the hoof sound is paramount and you can best do this by making sure that you choose a type of horse shoe that has the fuller in the correct position, whilst making sure that the shoe is the right type and weight for your horse and the job that he is doing. Naturally the size of your horse’s hoof will determine this. A rule of thumb is if your horse takes a size four in O’Dwyer’s i.e.33cm of steel shoe or upwards, you will be able to select a much wider and heavier shoe, then you need to determine the thickness of the wall which will in turn determine whether you need a coarse fuller or a fine fuller (for those people who are not aware of what a fuller is, it is the groove in the shoe in which the nail hole is placed).

What are horseshoes for you might ask.  Perhaps I should explain the main horse shoes that are generally used first.

Concave shoes have the fuller that runs from heel to heel, fullered shoes have the fuller placed just where the nail holes are punched, then there is the plain stamped shoe that has no fuller but the nail holes are punched through the shoe.

Concave shoes are used for grip and are self-cleaning, ensuring that the dirt drops away from the sole due to the inside branch of the steel that the shoe is made from is laid on an angle. These types of shoes are designed for the athletic and performance horses. Fullered shoes are designed for the working stock horse and ponies as there is more steel to wear due to the fuller being just under the nail area.

Plain stamped shoes are designed for the work horse and horses that generally wear their shoes out quickly. These types of horse shoe are very good for the Clydesdales and delivery types of horses.

Mustad Australia stock the following brands of horseshoes: St Croix Forge, Mustad, Delta, New Zealand Horseshoes and O’Dwyer’s. The range of types of shoes for horses includes toe clipped, side clipped, no clips, aluminium and glue on shoes. There are horse shoes types to suit every type of horse.

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