Ten Top Gifts for Your Horse-Mad Mate

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Ten Top Gifts for Your Horse-Mad Mate

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Monday, 06 November 2017

Ten Top Gifts for Your Horse-Mad Mate

Theres a little horse-crazy in all of us, but we all know someone who takes horse lover to another level! Here are our picks for the best gifts for that totally horse-bonkers person in your life!

1. Bouncy Horse and Bouncy Bull

Big kids and little kids alike will love these bouncy bulls and bouncy horses! Practice those rodeo skills with all the fun and action of bull/horse riding while teaching young cowboys and cowgirls coordination and balance.

A great toy for boys and girls (and adults!) who need to bounce off some energy. Shell probably kill us for sharing this, but Cailin from our Kilmore store can speak from personal experience when it comes to the bouncy bull: https://www.facebook.com/MustadDestinationEquestrian/videos/1686794414724789/

Check out the Big Country Bouncy Horse and Bouncy Bull now:

Bouncy Bull & Bouncy Horse

2. Plum Coloured Accessories

Does dressage gear always need to be the same old colours? Help them stand out from the crowd with this plum coloured range of dressage accessories from LeMieux. Made from the finest materials, LeMieux have outdone themselves again with these dressage saddlecloths, fly hoods, and polo bandages.

Check out the Le Mieux Plum Collection:

Suede Dressage Saddlecloth, Signature Fly Hood & Polo Bandage

3. Jewellery for that Horse-Crazy Kid

This cute range of jewellery is perfect for the horse-crazy kid in your life. Weve got horse shoe necklaces and earrings or the cowboy boot necklaces and earrings, all packaged up in this cute-as cowboy hat gift box. We really love the attention to detail and thoughtful packaging, and were sure your little horse-lover will too!

Checkout this adorable jewellery from Brigalow Country:

Horse Shoe NecklaceCowboy Boot Necklace & Cowboy Boot Earrings

4. Chantilly Dress Saddlepad

These chantilly dress saddlepads from Harcour are just gorgeous. Featuring double row 3mm cord binding, with a waffle cotton lining, thick foam and polyfill padding these saddlepads offer greater comfort for the horse and are available in a wide range of colours to match your beloved horse-lovers individual style. And just out for Christmas, weve got a new grey colour that is very on-trend this year.

Checkout this the Chantilly Saddlepad:
Harcour Chantilly Saddlepads

5. Breyer Pony Gals Figures      

Breyers horse figures are always popular at this time of year and this year weve got a wonderful addition to the range: the adorable and affordable Pony Gals. With exaggerated features, expressive poses, and brushable hair your little horse-girl will fall in love with these figures. And at just $15.95 each, theyre a great stocking-stuffer. Pony Gals Hailey, Emily, and Aubrey are waiting for you to take them home!

Checkout this the Pony Gals:
Aubrey, Hailey & 

6. Gidgee Eyes Equator Sunglasses

If youve got a pair of Gidgee Eyes youll know how great these Australian-made sunglasses are, and this years Equator range is just brilliant. The first release saw the champagne colour completely sell out! New stock is coming now and we know these sunglasses are going to be hot this Christmas! Available in Bay, Champagne, Blue, Blaze, and Rose colours.

Checkout this the Equator:
Gidgee Eye Equator

7. Ariat Gear Bags

This classy and practical range of gear bags  feature pockets on each end, front pocket with Ariat Logo, detachable shoulder strap, top zip opening to main compartment and are available in black/khaki, navy/pink, navy/red, brown/turquoise to suit your style. Perfect as an overnight bag or a place to stow all your riding gear, this Ariat bag is a gift this Christmas.

Checkout this these Gear Bags:
Gear Bag or Gear Bag Junior

8. Painted Ponies

Have you heard of Painted Ponies before? If you havent youre in for a treat. Its a range of hand-painted horse statues designed in partnership with artists. Each horse riffs on a theme, whether it be music, weather, or parties! Theres sure to be a Painted Pony that perfectly captures the heart of your horse-crazy mate! This year were loving Tickled Pink, Party Animal and Stormy.

Check out some of our favourite Painted Ponies now:

Tickled PinkParty Animal & Storm Rider

9. R.M. Williams for Your Car

This wouldnt be a list of great horse gifts if we didnt mention R.M. Williams! Were all in love with this iconic Aussie brand. But maybe you didnt know you could deck out your car in RMW too! Your dear horse-loving friend or family member is going to love decking out their car with RMW car seat covers, steering wheel covers and floor mats!

Check out some of our favourite RMW car accessories now:

Steering Wheel Cover

Black Suede Velour Seat Cover 

Longhorn Grey Velour Seat Cover 

Longhorn Mesh Seat Cover 

Rubber Mats 

10. Decorate Your Horse this Christmas!

Now this one is for the truly horse-crazy and Christmas-crazy – ah lets face it: just all-out crazy! Horse costumes for Christmas! OMG! So cute! Are we losing it? Yes! And hopefully you are too! We just love these adorable Xmas-themed halters, leads, caps, leg wraps, and saddle pads. Surely theres someone in your life wholl love these too! Maybe its you. I know Im about to go and snaffle up one of these outfits!

Check out these unmissable Christmas-themed items:

Xmas Halter/Lead Sleeve Red/White

Xmas Horse Cap with Tree Ears

Xmas Lead Red/White

Xmas Leg Wrap Red/White

Xmas Saddle Pad Red/White

Xmas Santa Hat Helmet Cover

More great gifts at Mustad.com.au

Were getting right into the Christmas spirit here at Mustad, weve got a huge range of gifts for the horse-lovers of the world. To make your Christmas gift search that little bit easier, weve collected them all into a handy Hot Horse Gifts list. Check out all the other great gift ideas here https://www.mustad.com.au/hot-horse-gifts/

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