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Mustad Saddleworld has you all wrapped up this Autumn Winter season

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Mustad Saddleworld has you all wrapped up this Autumn Winter season

Hot chocolate and snuggly warm clothes … what’s not to like about cooler weather???

Many Australian horse lovers look forward to some welcome respite from the heat, insects, and dust, which often spoil equine related fun during the summer months. Autumn and winter offer so many opportunities for activities with your horse. Riding out on softer ground, crisp cool air to invigorate and motivate, and the chance to step out in stylish, cool weather fashions that will make you feel as good as you look! 

The Mustad Saddleworld’s Destination Equestrian team goes “all out” to give busy people who are looking for a “holistic” approach to their passion for horses, the flexibility of a personal shopping experience … OR … the convenience of on-line access to the best quality products and fantastically competitive prices.

The key to making the most of the cooler weather is to plan and adapt.  Most Australian equestrians are fortunate enough to live in a temperate zone, where the winter climate permits outdoor activities, and horses can live outside quite comfortably, provided we carefully consider nutrition, training and exercise routines, rug choices and other aspects of stable management.  Winter conditions demand that horse owners pay particular attention to feeding, hoof care, grooming and making the right choices about protecting our equine friends from the elements and changed riding conditions:

General safety, special considerations:

1.    Make allowance for reduced daylight so that you get everything done before dark.

2.    If you are riding out, overcast days and low light can put your safety at risk. Be sure to choose bright coloured clothes and/or special safety-wear that is reflective and ensures that you are seen.

3.    Do not take risks when handling horses in dark paddocks or laneways.  Always carry a torch and do not take shortcuts that will expose people or horses to risk.

4.    Be sure that you finish riding in time to dry off your horse – a wet horse is a cold horse!

5.    Beware of the footing on trail rides – be sure it is safe and that puddles or mud are not hiding a washed away or eroded track that is potentially dangerous.

6.    Modify jumps training when/if the footing gets slippery … OR … use the new, easy to fit and economical “HipHoof” stud plate - a great option for secure footing (See page 7 Autumn/Winter Catalogue)

7.    Be sure that your influence and control is not jeopardised by the use of unsuitable equipment.  Things like plain leather reins, which become slippery when wet, the tread on boots, which can be dangerous and slip through the stirrups, or allow the wearer to slip over in the mud, are just a few of the dangers you might encounter.  Little things mean a lot when it comes to wet weather safety!

By observing the following, you will keep your horse happy, comfortable and well in mid-season and cold weather conditions:

1.    Carefully groom and check your horse, before you saddle up for a ride.  A long winter coat hides skin conditions along with minor cuts and abrasions.

2.    For unclipped horses, plan your exercise sessions to include slow schooling (flatwork) work to limit sweating and reduce the dry off time.  This will not only improve your horse’s education, but it will also make the post-work routine easier.

3.    Be sure to finish riding in time to allow the horse to dry off before rugging.  A wet horse soon becomes a cold horse.

4.    After work, brush off mud and sweat, paying particular attention to the horse’s legs, as long dirty hair provides a perfect environment for troublesome mud fever and cracked heels.

5.    Feeding extra “low-nutrient” pasture hay will help to keep your horse warm, as the digestion and fermentation process in the horse’s hindgut, generates heat which is part of his natural defense against the cold.

6.    Understand the warmth rating and performance features of your horse’s rugs. Mid season rugging can present significant challenges, and a canvas rug makes an ideal choice, lending well to layering for extra warmth.  The significantly natural fibres do not capture radiant heat, like some of the high warmth-rated synthetics.

7.    The coldest winter months demand a rug that is waterproof, wind-resistant, super warm yet light enough to get on and off, without a struggle.  It is important that only the best quality fabrics, threads and fittings have been used in the manufacture, to ensure that the rug stays in place, is robust and strong and meets the highest expectations for weather protection.

A perfect choice is The Flinders Check Combo, a 1200 denier rug of the highest quality.  You can rug up your horse to stay cosy warm, even on the coldest of nights. (Featured on page 1 of the Autumn/Winter Catalogue)

8.    Always fit a cotton or poly/cotton rug next to the horse coat and under the seasonal top rug or combo, as this can be changed and washed to keep the horse clean and to prevent the shedding hair from getting trapped in the lining of the waterproof rug. (See page 4 & 5 of the Autumn/Winter Catalogue)

For rider warmth, comfort and style, in the cooler months, Mustad Saddleworld Destination Equestrian have selected a range of everyday clothing, special occasion pieces and co-ordinates, which are purpose designed and made from hard wearing, comfortable fabrics, in beautiful colours and contrasts.   The 2017 autumn/winter collection facilitates layering, for optimum flexibility and warmth in the coldest of temperatures.   The layers can be adjusted or removed as required.

When choosing autumn and winter wear, you should:

1.    Build a mix-n-match wardrobe of everyday and smart casual clothes that can be layered to give the flexibility of added warmth or remove layers to cool down when riding or going indoors.  

2.    For the garments worn close to the body, choose fabrics that wick away moisture and remain dry and comfortable.

3.    Wear thick socks in specialist “winter warmth” materials or the natural “cosiness” of wool, which is always a great choice.

4.    Always consider footwear, and remember if your feet are cold, you will be shivering and miserable.  Be sure to choose waterproof footwear with a “grippy” tread, as this style will not only keep your feet dry; they will give traction and keep you safe and upright when walking in waterlogged and muddy paddocks. (See page 11 of the Autumn/Winter Catalogue).

5.    Keep a scarf and beanie in your car or tack room as body heat is lost if your head and neck are left uncovered.  Ear warmers can be worn under an approved safety helmet, to keep out chills when riding. (See page 11 of the Autumn/Winter Catalogue).

6.    Destination Equestrian proudly offers a unique selection of competition riding wear and smart casuals with striking “French” styling and truly sensational “high-performance” fabrics, from Harcour - an exciting new name to Australian equestrians!   The Cella competition jacket is styled with the traditional tailored look that has stood the test of time.  Harcour’s use of modern “high-tech” fabrics, threads and trims bring a new age of comfort, convenience, and easy-care.  Harcour garments will not shrink, lose shape or pick up hair and dirt, so you will always step out in winning style!  The Harcour range features breeches that fit and flatter, while offering comfort and a secure position, with the super sticky, gel knee grips.   Harcour’s stylish soft shell jackets and equestrian casuals will give “Parisienne” flair to your riding wardrobe. (See pages 8 & 9 of the Autumn/Winter Catalogue).

Just like us, to perform at their best, horses need to be in good health and well fed with a nutritionally balanced diet and special care taken to address any known deficiencies or to boost resistance to the common ailments of winter.  You will find a great selection of trusted and proven nutritional supplements, herbs and veterinary lines that will help your horse stay in peak health all year around. (See pages 6 of the Autumn/Winter Catalogue).

In celebration of our loyal and valued customers, the Mustad Saddleworld member program has a new name … and a new discount structure!  The BY MUSTAD program has extended benefits, PLUS, for the first time, your BY MUSTAD discount will apply to purchases in any of our stores and also when you shop at our online store, www.mustad.com.au.

Collect your BY MUSTAD card from any of our three stores during the month of APRIL, or register your account online, to go into the draw to win one of 3 X $500 shopping sprees.

For more seasonal specials go to the Mustad Saddleworld Autumn/Winter Catalogue here.

 Happy riding, Mustad Saddleworld wishes you the best for the coming season!

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