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Mustad & Derby Summer Rug Range

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Mustad & Derby Summer Rug Range

Mustad takes the guess work out of purchasing the ideal horse rug this summer.
With a wide range of rug options we can help you find the right rug to fit your horse – whatever your requirement or your budget.

Summer Rugs and Combos
Rugging in the hotter months can be a challenge at times. Hot days, cool nights and
the odd shower of rain can leave you wondering which one to put on your horse!
There are so many varieties of summer sheets and cotton rugs for horses during
summer. They have all been designed to do similar but different things. So how do
you know which one you will need for your horse?

Cotton Ripstop Rugs
Ripstop horse rugs are suitable to use all year round. The ripstop rug can be used
under other rugs during the cooler months, or alone during the summer months, for
example the Mustad Summer Deluxe or Derby Diamond Light.
When used on their own they will keep the sun off your horse, helping to reduce
fading and to keep your horse’s coat clean. Ripstop rugs also have the highest UV
protection when it comes to the range of cotton rugs.

Mesh Rugs
The mesh rug or fly sheet is made from mesh fabric and useful for keeping insects off
your horse, while filtering some of the hot sun. Small holes in the mesh allow air to
circulate around your horse and breeze to pass through, keeping them cool and
comfortable. Fly mesh rugs, such as the new Derby Mesh Rug will keep most insects
off your horse, as the fabric is, by nature full of holes to allow air and deter bugs!


Mesh-Ripstop Combination
Cotton mesh combination rugs provide the best of both worlds. Ripstop material on
the top provides sun protection, while mesh fabric along the side assists in
maintaining good airflow on hot days for your horse. Combination rugs, like the new
Derby Super Air is a fantastic choice if your horse needs the cooling air flow and also
sun protection.

Flag Rugs
The Flag rug is one of the lightest weight rugs you can put on your horse, and are
ideal on very hot days and in stables to filter sunlight and keep dust off the coat.
The flag rug is soft and breezy while providing UV protection for your horse. The new
Derby Flag Rug is a great option if you are in need of a good quality flag rug or combo
for your horse this summer!


Rug Attachments
Hoods are a fantastic invention for our equine friends. They cover the face and have
premade holes for their muzzle, eyes and ears. They help keep the horses face and
neck clean, can provide sun protection and protection from insects, and also can be
worn if you’re planning on clipping during winter. They attach to D rings either side
of your rug with elastic fastenings. These should be done up, tight enough that the
hood wont slip over the horses head, but loose enough to allow the horse to stretch
his neck down.

However they do come with some risks you need to keep in mind. You need to pay
careful attention to the environment your horse will be wearing their hood in. Hoods
are easily caught on fences and trees which can lead to the hood itself being pulled
over the horses face and spooking. Horses are unpredictable at times and if their
vision is impaired, you need to be mindful of your horse’s temperament and how
you horse will react if they get caught in a tricky situation. However most horses
wear hoods without any problems at all.

These are some things to consider if you’re going to rug your horse with a hood.
- The fences, are they safe enough to not have anything caught?
- Larger paddocks can tend to have more chances of having obstacles and
trees/shrubs/sticks/branches that can dislodge or catch a hood.
- Paddock mates. Is your horse paddocked with any other horses that may bite
or play with? With paddock mates sometimes horses can play or dislodge
each other’s rugs and hoods.

When it comes to sizing in a hood, it needs to be absolutely spot on. This is for the
safety of your horse. Badly fitting hoods can create more problems than good. It
shouldn’t be too tight that it will affect the movement of the horse, but cannot be
too big where it will swivel and droop around the horses head, eyes and ears.

Neck Rugs
Neck rugs are an attachment that again attaches to your rug via D Ring attachments,
and is a separate item that covers your horse’s neck, to either provide water
resistance, warmth and/or cleanliness. These can come in a waterproof synthetic
outer that is the same as a winter rug, polar fleece to provide warmth, and cotton to
provide cleanliness.
Separate attaching neck rugs can be ideal for those horses that have a problem with
manes rubbing out, as the point of attachment is further back compared to a
traditional combo.

Tailbag’s come in sizes from Pony to Warmblood depending on the brand.
Depending on how tall your horse is will depend on what size you need. If the tailbag
is too small for the horse or pony, then the bottom of the horse’s tail will poke out. If
the tailbag is too large for the horse or pony, it will drag on the ground, which may
also lead to the horse standing on it. Attaching a tailbag is pretty straightforward.

Your rug will need the corresponding Velcro attachment to the tailbag that you have
purchased. Some rugs come with this attachment, others you may need to get put
on by a rug repairer. For instance the Mustad Summer Deluxe comes with the velcro
tailbag attachment, and a matching tailbag can be purchased separately for only
$19.95. The tailbag will have velcro right up the top; you need to ensure it is the
opposite kind of Velcro that is on your rug. For example the rug has the stiff Velcro,
therefore your tailbag will need the soft Velcro.

Top Tip - to put your tailbag on your horse, first of all you need to hold the tailbag by
the Velcro in one hand, grab your horse’s tail by the other and thread it through the
top opening of the tailbag. Once you have done this, slide the tailbag up towards the
Velcro on the rug and fasten the Velcro flaps of the rug to the tailbag.

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