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Saddlecloths to suit every style and budget

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Tuesday, 04 July 2017

Saddlecloths to suit every style and budget

When is a Saddlecloth NOT just a Saddlecloth?

Mustad Saddleworld is THE “Destination Equestrian” for riders in all disciplines, from the keen hobbyist to full time and semi-professional horse trainers. 

We acknowledge that a saddlecloth can be a pretty, practical or performance enhancing part of the riders’ equipment and offer the most comprehensive choice to suit the broad reaching criteria of Australian horse enthusiasts.

Never has the term “horses for courses” been more fitting, than when you are choosing the right saddlecloth!  Today’s horse people are savvy and do their research to understand the choices, product features and unique specialist designs that may help to give an edge, or simply offer excellent value for money at a price sensitive end of the market.

There is no doubt that horses and equestrian sports enjoy a special place in people’s hearts.  Horse owners live in a time of great change and need to understand horse care, equine physiology, equipment options and training techniques to do the right thing by the horse, and help them to do their job with comfort and ease.

Local and international saddlery manufacturers have made great advancements in the development of high-tech concepts and the materials used in production of specialist equestrian equipment.   This technology has helped horses to live up to the promise of their pedigree, and train on to realise the success that years of progressive and patient training aims to achieve.  

The modern competitive trainer must have an eye for value, but will seldom take shortcuts! Choosing products that will enhance performance, and meet the most exacting performance criteria, is an important part of the trainers’ role and responsibility!

Today’s horse breeding programs have produced equine superstars.   Dressage horses now have athleticism and movement that has added 20% to the scores of 20 years ago, and modern showjumpers compete over much more technical courses which demand relaxation and obedience, as well as the athleticism and freedom of movement, to master the challenges set by international course builders.

Horse owners, along with those charged with the responsibility of their care and training, are well advised to take the time to research and understand how various technologies and equipment options deliver the features that can make a difference to their horses’ training outcomes. 

Understanding the options and choosing the right saddlecloth is an educational experience, and this knowledge will ensure a well-considered decision and the right choice of product that is “fit for purpose”.

The experienced staff at Mustad Saddleworld can help you in your educational journey by explaining the benefits and features of all the quality tested products that are in the store’s range.

Here are some saddlecloth options available at any of the three Mustad Saddleworld stores or on-line - prices range from $39.95 to $295.00.   The variation serves to highlight differences in designs and performance features!

Harcour Chantilly Dress saddlepads bring a touch of elegance and style with the choice of navy blue or traditional competition white. The contoured cut assures wither clearance for your horse’s comfort and the poly/cotton waffle fabric and resilient poly-fill assures a hard-wearing product with ongoing comfort and performance features.  

The Harcour Chantilly features a double row 3mm cord binding for eye-catching style.  The leather patch embossed with the Harcour logo is washable and adds a unique touch of style.  An excellent price of $79.95 makes the Harcour Chantilly a favourite.

Ogilvy Saddlecloths offer the discerning rider “A world of Difference and Performance!” The ultimate for dressage, Ogilvy Saddlecloths enhance comfort and the ease of the horse to enhance harmony between horse and rider.   The dressage style is designed to preserve athleticism, movement, expression and lightness and Ogilvy integrates tradition with innovation to allow horse and rider partnerships to target perfection.

Jumping enthusiasts understand that the horse’s strength, courage, speed, and athleticism must be protected, and comfortable gear is the first consideration! Ogilvy combines the best technologies and beauty of design, which pushes the limits of performance and comfort for elite equine athletes.

Ogilvy Jumping Half Pads offer the very best of features which must be seen to be appreciated, at $295.00.  Baby Pads in Jump or Dressage Sizes are priced at $69.95.  Other fantastic Ogilvy lines are available in colours and trim that make a statement about your sense of style and penchant for perfection! 

Ogilvy is the name that the most successful riders and trainers trust to support their horse’s best … you can do the same!

Mustad Saddleworld is proud to offer its own range of Saddlecloths, including the Derby Cotton Saddlecloth range which is available for $39.95. This budget line features a NEW comfort cut, for dressage and general purpose use.  They are a favourite for people who work many horses each day and need to set aside
certain tack items for exclusive use on each horse, so as to minimise the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of skin conditions.  Good stable management is affordable, when you choose from the Derby range.  Available in smart colours, full size only.

You can shop at any of the three Mustad Saddleworld locations – Kilmore and Geelong in Victoria, and Richmond in NSW OR at the fresh look Internet store, with loyalty benefits now available for in-store and on-line shoppers.

Mustad Saddleworld is proud to offer Australian horse people the best products, expert advice, in-store or on-line customer service and quality assurance that gives peace of mind and confidence.   Happy shopping.

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