Sierra Horse Halter

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Sierra Horse Halter

Sierra Horse Halter

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Allows the handler a more effective means for training and controlling a horse by incorporating a neck band which is coupled to the nose and poll bands. This means that when tension is exerted on the neck band, pressure is applied to the neck and nose regions at the same time, pulling the head to the horses chest while pressure is released at the poll.  Teach your horse to lead respectfully, stand quietly on a single tie or cross tie, and accelerate training for head carriage, and head and neck control.

  • Medium fits most adult Quarter Horses and Tennessee Walking Horses with similar sized heads and necks
  • Large fits the larger Breeds like warm bloods or Andalusians with thicker necks

Includes FREE DVD – With the halter you also get a free DVD of more than 2 hours viewing of Alberto using the Sierra Horse Halters on problem horses for the first time. These are not staged, but real time videos with horses he has never touched or seen before.

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