Pomms Equine Ear Plugs

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Pomms Equine Ear Plugs

Pomms Equine Ear Plugs

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POMMS Premium Equine Ear Plugs are specially designed to improve focus and encourage relaxation by allowing your horse to hear normal tones, while greatly reducing distracting or loud noises.  POMMS "comfort plus" design features soft, comfortable and non irritating materials that protect your horse's senstive ears from wind, water and debris.

POMMS create an acupuncture effect on the horse's inner ear, giving a sensation that increases relaxation, resulting in better performance.

POMMS are made from a soft and comfortable rubber foam, which is the same grey colour as the horse's inner ear, for discretion.

POMMS also helps to calm a horse during clipping, and prevent clipped hair and dirt from falling into the inner ear.  

POMMS are discreet, durable and won't fall out when correctly applied.  For best results, store in the original tube when not in use.

Gently roll POMMS into the ear canal for a comfortably snug fit.  Remove immediately after use.

POMMS are resusable and easy to clean.  Wash POMMS in mild antibacterial soap and water.  Towel or air dry.

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